Some things are getting better

Karter's started giving some- very few, sporadic, and extremely hard-earned smiles in the last few days. He gave me one Saturday, then nothing for a few days. then, Yesterday, I get out of the shower (he came in for a rinse off with me too) and put a big, brown towel on my head while I got dressed. He was laying on the bed, and I leaned over to talk to him and he cooed a bit and then looked at my towel and smiled. Um, thanks. Not for mommy, but a brown towel. I got another one out of him after making lots of faces and googly voices this week too. Sheesh! Kian smiled around 3 weeks and never stopped, he was easy to get lots of smiles out of, but Karter's just asserting his differences I suppose.

Kian has been better this week. We went to the library Monday, with Grant and Elissa. There was a train table and books and he was happy. We spent about and hour and a half there. Tuesday, our friend Francesca came to visit. Kian loved that, and the fact she brought him stickers--Cars stickers! Last night, my dad came over for dinner and Kian was thrilled. He also helped me cook the stew, and the cornbread, and the apple crisp and was very proud of himself. He also peed on my dad right before he left, before Kian was to get ready for bed. Of course. I guess he figured he had to even it out, since he peed on my mom a couple weeks ago. Whatever.

Today, it was chilly (was? still is!) but not raining so Kian and I went outside for over a half hour before lunch. He just ran around, we dug some carrots out of the garden that we forgot we planted. He helped me pick up lots of sticks that the wind has been blowing down. He just needed fresh air I think. He's listened better and has been more pleasant this week. He's been taking better naps, but not going to bed as early, so we'll figure it out.

On the flip side, he's been wetting his pants a lot the last two days. Exasperated, I said to him this morning, after the second soaked pants removal "Do you want underwear or a diaper? You just pee in your pants as soon as I put them on and don't even tell me until it's too late! Should I put underwear or a diaper on you?" His response? "I want to wear a diaper like Karter". Ugh! I should have known better. He's made remarks about Karter needing to pee and poop on the toilet the last week or so, and I tried to explain that once Karter is walking and talking like him then he will. And he's laid on the floor a lot saying "I'm a baby, cover me up. I need a blanket. I'm a baby, change me too mommy." Regression. Fun. So, I did what any sane mother would do (to keep her sanity of course) I put a diaper on him. I said, let me know when you're ready to wear underwear. And I've asked him several times if he wants to pee on the toilet and he does some times, and I ask him if he wants to continue wearing the diaper today or put on his underwear. Oh well. I know we'll get there. He was doing great right before all the changes and baby coming home, and I knew it would upset the progress a bit, but not quite like that. Eventually he'll be tired of wetting himself and trying to wear diapers and be wanting to be fully trained. He does great if he has no pants on, but now that it's getting chilly out, that can't happen as much.

While both boys are sleeping (and I"m not because I thought Kian would be up sooner, but of course he's still sleeping) Kevin and I are looking at some cost-cutting measures around the house. Don't come over--we keep it pretty chilly in the house (cough 65 cough) we just wear slippers and sweaters and layers. We're changing Internet and phone providers to save $15 or so, but getting free DishNetwork in the deal (even though I don't like DN, prefer DirecTv). Free is free. I'm not using as much $ as I"m not driving barely these days. I think I've filled up once since Karter has been born and still have quarter tank left. We need to get some wood for the wood stove so we don't rely solely on the furnace and RG&E, since they are upping the costs 15% or more. Thanks. I didn't plan on needing heat and firewood, um, before October 1st!! Thanks, Rochester.

Wonder what houses cost in Virginia...

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