I love my boy's curls and so does he. He gets mad at the wind if they "mess up my crills". But it was starting to get a bit scraggly. Then after Kevin got a haircut he started saying he wanted "short hair like daddy". Yeah, not going to happen. When his hair is wet, he looks like a baby, a bald-headed baby. We can't go that short. But I did take about an inch off his hair all around. It actually helped some of the curl spring back on the top. But, we lost some of the ringlets that were forming in the back. And it meant that the summer highlights were lost, making his hair look dark. As I was trimming I realized...I hadn't trimmed his hair since July! And that was just a tiny trim, really. I suppose we'll keep it about this length, everyone's happy...I think...

before we wet it and put cream in it:

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