a lil baby post

Because it seems to have been a lot about Kian lately...

Here's my baby spitting raspberries at me:

The "enough of the camera mom" look:

The cooing and smiling and happy baby look:

This boy holds his head up and his chest off the floor like Kian didn't until over 3 months! He sits up fairly well with a little support behind him, because he wants to be sitting up. Last night before this picture, while on my lap, he began lunging and swinging his arms wildly at something (don't remember, a toy, my water bottle?) and was determined to get at it. I'm afraid, very, very afraid. Afraid he's going to be moving much sooner than Kian was moving. He's rolled several times, another thing Kian didn't really do until he hit the three month mark. I know, I know, comparisons! Chalk and cheese, I was told by one of my clients. I know they're all different, but this could get very interesting if he chooses to be mobile early on. We'll just roll with it...literally =)

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