Quick! Post it!

Man, I had all these good blog ideas all day long but never had a chance to sit down and type them up! But, I have to get something published so I can keep up with NaBloPoMo and get one every day right?

Here's some randomness before I go to bed early:

Things that annoy me:

Socks and underwear shrinking in the dryer (no, I didn't get fat, they're the boys' socks!)

The elastic unraveling on underwear

Long lines pre-black friday

Items not ringing up the sale prices, having to show the associate the sale sign

Kian refusing naps and making bedtime so difficult that I am either going to cry or restrain myself from whipping his butt =D

Kian having to pee so bad at Wegmans that he couldn't wait to get in position and soaked his pants and underwear and I had to stand there and hold his pants under the hand dryer until they were decent enough to wear through the rest of the trip

Sundays full of football so that Kevin sleeps/watches TV through the entire day

Accidentally spilling more spices in the pot than I intended to

Thinking of enough blog stuff for this month (pre-posting randomness helps!) Or actually, just having the time to sit down and type out all the good things in my head, or silly things, or you know...

Kian screaming "ow! don't hurt me! stop yelling at me mommy" while in the cart at K-mart for the entire store to hear...I was looking at boots and not touching him! He was just mad because I wouldn't get him candy.

Not having enough daylight hours in the day...not having enough hours at all in the day...and with that, I'm off to bed nice and early!

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Anonymous said...

as I remember--YOU stopped taking naps at two and a half--told me you were never taking another nap!