Turkey Talk

So, you want some Thanksgiving ideas? Or not... Well, too bad! I love my darn food and this is the best eating Holiday ever. No summer picnic can hold a candle to Thanksgiving in this family. No other meal is as delicious and heartwarming and belly-filling as this. Just a few more days!!

We eat at my grandma's house (mom's mom) and there's usually over 30 people there to feed. We have as much fun making the food as we do eating it. And making the food takes all day on Wednesday with myself, my grandma, my cousin, my sisters Kourtney and Kiara. Many hands make light the work eh?! Yet still takes about 6 hours!

A lot of times we make the customary green bean casserole. Just as Campbell's says here.

We've made sweet potato casserole like this. But we're opting out of that as it is a pain to make and no one really wants it that sweet.

We always have squash, typically hubbard, but I love butternut. Add in a little nutmeg, bet you won't even want the butter!

Sometimes a red jello fruit salad, but more often than not is this green jello mess. It may look and sound gross, but it is so good!

Pumpkin pies-made as directed on the can of pumpkin and then a whole lot more spices added in! We don't do bland around here!

Your typical relish tray and rolls are always on the sidelines. Cranberries, both jellied and whole. Mashed potatoes, lots of milk and butter. Do you see why I won't be able to eat a thing this year? My child will projectile vomit with a spinning head if I do! Oy vey. Dairy free in a dairy dependent world ain't easy!

Tomorrow I'll touch on the real standouts in this holiday--turkey, stuffing and gravy!

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