Karter's 2 month update

Technically Karter was 2 months on Nov 3rd, but we just had his check up on the 11th, so therefore the update is now. He is a tad over 23 inches, 12 lbs 2 oz. (Kian was 14-2 at this same age, holy cow!) We got complemented on his head control, cooing and pretty much everything. He was chatting with the nurse and the doc for a bit. =) The doctor is not concerned about any jaundice at all, his color looks great and they do not feel the need for any more testing. Doctor noticed what I've been noticing also, that Karter looks to his right a lot, but I know that's because he sucks his right thumb all the time. Dr said seems to be alright because he's not getting flat spots because of it and will look the other way. But, you know me, I"m paranoid and have been changing his positions and head for the last 2 weeks. Karter's hardly in a seat or swing tho, either sleeping or playing with me and Kian or being carried.

He is smiling and cooing and making all kinds of noises, especially when he is being changed. I guess that makes him very happy. He definitely does not like to sit in dirty diapers. Kian could have cared less, but Karter lets us know "change me now!". He also like to coo and smile after he's finishing eating, it's like he's saying thanks, or at least I pretend so I can make myself feel better.

He's got great head control and pushes up when on his belly. Beginning to try to bat at some toys that are dangling but not good at it yet. He doesn't like to be held tight against you anymore, prefers to push back and look around or be facing outward. But, when he wants to snuggle, he buries his head in my neck and chest and rubs it back and forth, tucks his head under my chin and falls asleep. Love my snuggly baby! I don't swaddle him for naps or bedtime anymore, he's actually been kicking off the blanket. And this week he's slept 5-6 hour stretches at night, which is nice; taking three naps during the day and going to bed around 8pm with Kian.

He tolerates tummy time a little more now, but after he's slept and not close to a feeding. If he's eaten recently (last hour) the acid reflux starts coming up and bothers him. We still deal with that at night mostly, or when he's laid down. Still having reactions to dairy, so I continue to keep a dairy/milk free diet. We're wondering if he might be sensitive to wheat and tomato too, if I have a lot in one day I notice more spitting up and fussiness. (Of course anything spicy sets him off.)

When he's not bothered by that stuff, he's very happy. He loves to watch Kian and laugh at him, as long as Kian's not "over-loving him" which happens a lot. Somehow this whole "gentle" thing hasn't gotten through to Kian yet, but it's in a love form instead of a jealous/aggressive form, which is good. He has rolled over from belly to back 3 or 4 times so far, angry that I put him on his belly and screaming and making sure I knew that while he rolled.

Karter's also lost some of that dark, thick newborn hair on the top of his head, right in the middle and a tad on the sides, but so far has kept most of it. And some new stuff is coming in on the top, mostly dark, but some blonde underneath. It will be interesting to see what it turns out like. His eyes are still blue, but we'll see if they change too. His eyelashes have grown longer and thicker recently and I love them!

We just love him and it's nice to see the two of them together (when Kian's not rolling him over or picking him up!) and are really enjoying being a family of four now. It will be quite something with two boys around, all rough and tumble.

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