Does it make me a bad mom if...

...I smile and get just the tiniest bit happy when I hear screeching, crying children in the store, and they're not mine?

...I'm just a little bit glad someone else has that problem sometimes too?

...won't give my child a pacifier because he sucks his thumb? (yes we're still having that debate, but I'm standing firm on no pacifier this time, I think thumb-sucking babies are cute and I'll deal with it in a few years. It's great to not have to find the stupid thing and stick it back in his mouth all the time!)

...I let my child run around naked a lot to help out the potty training process-in the winter?

...I totally pretend that I don't know we have a "playroom" downstairs and it's messy, what? That's one good thing about a split-level, you can hide it!

...I totally stand between the open pantry doors and shovel some candy down my throat before Kian can figure out what I'm doing?

...let my child eat produce in the store without washing? (I know, organic me, eww!) I can't tell you how many times the cashier has scanned a cucumber or celery with several bite marks or chunks out of it. Oh well.

...let my child open packages of food in the store to eat, to keep him happy?

...might have locked Kian's door on him for 15 minutes so I could feed Karter and stop having to return Kian to his bed for nap because he wouldn't stay in there?

...I let Karter cry if he's sick of tummy time and stretch it out to a full five minutes?

Oh don't tell me that most of you haven't done the same... don't worry I'll keep coming up with more crazy ones.

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Anonymous said...

my mum used to say "they have to cry to exercise their lungs"
nothing wrong with thumb sucking--they usually give it up on their own--I think it's cleaner than a pacifier.