Stuck in the middle with you

Stuck in the middle alright. The middle of my pants. My old "fat" pants are too big and fall off my butt when I walk. But, my "skinnier" pants don't fit yet either. My old fat pants are ones I had just before I was pregnant with Kian and then for awhile after. My newer "skinnier" pants are ones I was wearing right before I got pregnant with Karter. I worked out more and lost more weight right before getting pregnant, of course. 'Cause that's just how life works.

I need to find some time to lose those extra pounds so I can fit into my nicer clothes again. I must have been darn lazy after I had Kian and must have sat around doing nothing, because it took me forever to lose the baby weight. It wasn't until I really regimented myself into an intense workout for a month straight that it started to budge, then started coming off easier. I would lose a pound here or there but didn't try until he was 6 months old. That's not happening this time. Mostly because I have nothing to wear right now, well shirts fit no matter what, but pants... ugh! I know it's because I'm running after a toddler and not just sitting around watching tv and nursing like last time, that I am losing this weight faster without trying too hard. The nursing definitely helps with the weight loss though.

But, also over the last couple years we continue to eat healthier. There is so much less junk, carbs, processed food and so much more fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. I also make things more from scratch now instead of eating out or buying pre-made. And drinks, that was the easiest, and often overlooked change--drinks. We buy milk/rice milk, one carton of OJ, and sometimes a cider or grape juice. That's it. No pop, soda, no iced tea or lemonades or mixed drinks, no snapples or sunnyD, etc. We drink lots of water. And I know that the outside work and extra walks we take counts towards calorie burning.

So, I know I"ll lose the 'baby weight' soon, and hopefully more! And penny pinching me really doesn't want to buy new pants for "just awhile" so, for now, I'm just stuck in the middle....

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