Do a little dance

Elissa and I went to the Strong Museum together for the toddler Halloween festivities. Kian wasn't all that interested in the "trick or treating" they had going on. He just wanted to explore more of the museum that we hadn't last time. He did attempt the scarecrow craft they had, and "trick or treated" for a pack of Pooh cards, a sticker, a bag of goldfish and a pumpkin pencil. He also got a frog tattoo on his arm. But obviously, chauffeuring Cookie Monster around was much more fun:

I didn't take a lot of pictures that day as we were doing lots of running around and child chasing. After lunch we decided to take it upstairs to the "Dancing Through the Decades" screen. You can choose music from various time periods in the last century from the Charleston to Jay-z. The kids loved the pop/hip-hop ones with the best beats. The coolest part is the screen. It kept them entertained (and in one spot!) for quite awhile!

No, I do not know how to use my camera in this setting. I turned in on the night setting. I also was carrying a fussy baby and chasing a toddler. Someday I'll have a minute to really learn my camera better and what I"m doing...someday...

That's me taking pictures of myself on the screen and Kian break-dancing on the floor.

And Grant busting a move:

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