Blog what?

And I'm the one who complains when other people don't update their blog. Guess I was figuring updating my facebook status daily and from work was good enough. I just opened the pictures from my camera...from's January 14th. Yes, I have been that busy!

Five Christmas celebrations. Barely any pictures because I had to be in the middle of it all. Haven't really had time to try out my new lens from my dad, boo. So excited to have a zoom lens! Yay! Kian is thrilled with all his new Christmas presents. Gramps was the Superstar bringing a Cars Wii game and a drum set. Thanks Dad. =) It's all good though. We did absolutely nothing on New Years' Eve. Hot tub and tv. woo....hoo... I was getting ready for back to work chaos, and did not want to put out any extra effort.

I started back at work on Monday the 4th. Oh. My. It's...insane to say the least. Are there words? I seriously never, ever wanted to be a working mom. The pictures in my head were me at home with kids and hubby at work. Whew. It's the most exhausting thing ever. And I thought I was tired out when I was working and pregnant and had an almost 2 year old. Not even close. It takes about an hour and a half to get everyone ready, fed, dressed, packed and out the door in the mornings. And that's with about a half hour of prep time at night packing bottles and bags and lunches and placing things by the door to go out. It's also rough because I have to take Kian to the center, bringing Karter in with me, lugging that ridiculously heavy carseat, then put him back in the van and drive to my sister-in-laws, then to work. And that's all before 8 am. (Ok, well usually by that point it's 8 or a few minutes after, I haven't exactly been perfectly on time yet.) Seriously. What was I thinking?

MY office days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I am supposed to work from home on Thursdays and Fridays. Yeah, right. I ended up doing the majority of my work on Saturday when Kevin was there all day. And on Thursday night. I love that the boys have a schedule for other people and I do the same things at same times and get nothing. Kian naps 2 hours at daycare and went back to no naps here. I know I don't run him around like they do, but still..

And pumping 2-3 times each day I'm at work. It's a lot of work, but necessary since my baby boy is allergic to cow's milk. Makes me feel less guilty about not being with him. There were meltdowns for the first week and a half with Kian, seemingly better. But, as soon as he wakes up on a 'school day' he gets whiny and talks about who's going to pick him up that day, and decides he wants mema or grandma or whoever the person of the day is, to do it. Try telling him no. I don't know if I'll be able to handle this office/work at home thing for a long time. It's hard. I know it's just been two weeks and I"m still trying to get in the routine and figure it all out, but it whips my butt daily.

So, suffice it to say I've been busy. Then there's always laundry and dishes to do as well. Thank goodness for crockpots! That makes dinner so much easier. We've all battled colds this week and are finally recovering. I am going to try to post some pictures soon. Off to do more work at home...

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