Christmas day at our house

My baby boys. Kian let me take this before getting down to present business.

Kevin loves his Mario Bros pants

Karter trying to figure out what this is, he did pull one piece off.

Concentrating on his knife skills


The fatbaby couldn't stay awake for more than a few presents

Fireman Kian

Our Christmas fawn, outside our window

Rockstar boy, thanks to Gramps

His (nerdy) haircut and his most fave Cars Wii game (thanks Gramps, again)

What? Doesn't everyone play the harmonica in the fridge?

Savannah & Patrick

My new lens does this: (too bad I need to learn a lot more)

Aunt Neenee


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family.
Beautiful pictures. Love the deer

Anonymous said...

do these pants make my butt look big???