Time, I have none.
Time, of which I have not enough.
Time, flying, break-neck speed.
Time, I need more of you.

Somehow, working with one child was not hard at all. I knew two would be more work, but it's like a ridiculous kind of work along with working a "real" job. Part of it is the dropping them off in two places, that definitely makes longer travel and means leaving lots earlier than just one drop off would be. Pumping means more packing, more cleaning, more preparation, more bags to bring. More seats to buckle. More mittens and hats to put on. I swear I'm just not cutout for this working mom thing. That means nights are designated for unpacking, washing, repacking baby things, making, cleaning and washing of dinner and dishes, and that leaves me with exactly...4.8 minutes to myself before I can't stand up or keep my eyes open anymore.

That means I haven't been able to workout barely at all since Karter was born. The only time I've gone somewhere alone is to the grocery store, and that was only twice. That means Kevin and I haven't done anything except his work party and 1 shopping trip alone. I don't understand how full-time, 2 parent households do it 5 days per week? Oy. I try to work at home on Thursdays and Fridays. It kind of works. I get a few hours when Karter's sleeping throughout the day to make some calls, or do some paperwork at night, etc. But, honestly, it's not like I pictured it working and it's not as much as I should be doing. We will see how far this goes...

I just want someone to add about 20 more hours into my week, or one more day I guess. Is that possible?

And speaking of time flying by, Karter will be 5 months old on Wednesday. FIVE MONTHS! How did that go so fast? Next week I'll do an update on him and the fun stuff he's doing lately. If I have time that is. ha =) I neglect my computer at night for some tv/book reading time wth Kevin after the boys go to bed, which is much nicer than trying to keep up with everyone's facebook updates or emails or whatever. (I do some of that on my lunch break/pumping breaks at work!) So, since I've run out of time, (I can tell by Karter's fussing and Kian's craziness) I will end here and get some more interesting things posted soon, pictures mostly!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about time! It will go on.
Enjoy your family and children--they are too soon grown and gone.

Anonymous said...

any thing you dont get done couldn't have been too important anyway.