laugh, don't be scared

While sending a quick email back to my grandma I shared a few of Kian's latest antics and conversations. I am more afraid I'll be getting in trouble with these, but enjoy. I figured I'd copy them on the blog for something at least.

Kian asks me, while watching me use my pump before work the other day, "is that milk in your pee pee?" oh lord. I had avoided using any "real" body parts until now but had to go in the explanation of how girls and boys are different and how mommy's feed babies. then he went to daycare and told his teachers that Karter drinks 'mama milk and mommy gets it...." and I had to cut him off and distract him before he launched into his very detailed explanation of how that works. he also thinks he can get milk from his belly button and will take the pump and put it on his belly to "feed karter".
or the rare time I spanked him and he says "again? and another? and another?" then today he bends over and says "beat me mommy"! (also handed me a long Styrofoam arch from Karter's play mat and said "beat me with this mommy") I couldn't stop laughing and he laughed so hard he fell down. but am afraid of what the daycare teachers think goes on in my house, because another day he tells them "we have junk in our house". Thanks, buddy. But, as I explained to them (after they nicely said that everyone has junk in their house) we just had a discussion and reprimand for Kian getting in our junk drawer and pulling out batteries, razorblade and something else. So, it was on his mind, but got a little warped!

And for the record, I do NOT beat my child. The only kind of beating he gets is during a game, he 'beats' Kevin regularly on Mariokart, of course.

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