Conversations with Kian

Karter was with Kevin's mother this week because Elissa was in Florida, so I picked Kian up at daycare, then Karter at grandma's house. This is the conversation on the way home:

Kian: So, Karter you were at grandma's house today? Say yes I am, Karter. Did you like it? Did you have fun? Say yes I did, Karter.
Loving that he was giving Karter the answers. =)

Kian: Mommy, you have a baby in your belly right now?!
Me: I don't think today buddy.
Kian: yes, you do, let me see.
Me: Nope, you don't need to see, there's nothing there but some flab, but thanks!
Kian: But, I see a baby in there.
No, really you don't.

Me, bending over, with some loose pants on...
Kian: Mommy, you're butt is hanging out. You should pull up your pants.
Me: Yes, I know Kian, I need new pants, thanks.

Bounding in our room at 6:30 am, turning on all the lights...
Daddy! Let's have breakfast! Daddy and I are having breakfast, mommy!
I don't even use proper grammar like that all the time!

Going to the bathroom...
"Mommy! Usually I poop long snakes, but today I pooped two seahorses!"
He was right. But, why oh why is he so interested in that? Ugh.

Lining his cars up together...
"These ones are my husbands".

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