My 5 month old

Karter's first 5 months have flown by a lot faster than Kian's did. Probably because I am working now and not with him every second like I was with Kian? It's so fun to see his personality develop. How he has some of Kian, some of me, some of Kevin, and yet he's his own person. He's fiesty in ways that Kian wasn't, and laid back in areas that Kian was a "go-getter".

Right now, Karter is almost sitting, he's using one arm for support but still tips over a lot. He likes his 'tummy time' and that is when we see some real action! He gets his butt in the air, pushes on his toes, pushes up on his hands and tries so hard to do something. He's "scooched" (how do you spell that anyways?) a little this way and that, but nothing real major. Kian did not even try that until at least 6 months. (Yeah, yeah, I know, don't compare, blah blah blah.) The funniest part, and I will have to try to tape this, is when we put him in the bathtub with Kian. If he's sitting anywhere and wants to get on his belly he literally dives, throws himself, face first to the floor. So, he does this in the bathtub (yes, I am holding on to him the entire time) and on hands and knees begins splashing his little propeller limbs all over the place. He thinks he's moving. It's quite the sight.

He rolled from 5 weeks until 3 months, then stopped rolling pretty much the entire month of December and now he can roll both ways but just doesn't do it much. He prefers to roll side to side and get himself moving around the floor as opposed to just rolling from back to belly and back again. Everything goes in the mouth, even the lettuce and red pepper strips from my salad bowl (totally dove in that headfirst, literally). We almost have two bottom teeth, so close to poking out, any day now.

This past week was rather rough, with teething, nasty cold, barky cough, and we went to the doctor's and found out he had double ear infection, poor kiddo. After being up screaming all night long, in a different than the "you ate dairy and my stomach hurts" kind of scream, and only would sleep for an hour, in an upright position, i figured a trip to the doctor's was in order. He then proceeded to sleep the next almost 24 hours straight. I didn't want to put him on antibiotics already, but they strongly recommended it, as they wanted to clear it all up (goopy, sick eyes too) and avoid the RSV/pneumonia that was going around. Fine. Did they every try giving a 5 month old amoxicillin before prescribing it? Probably not. It's not easy in the least. We lose about half of it every time. He still has the cold and stuffy nose but doesn't seem to be in pain like he was, so that's a relief. He's now making up for lost eating time.

Due to this sickness, Karter was extra snugly this past week. He is so cuddly, way more than I remember Kian being at this age. He can't stand to be cold and will wake up just to snuggle in our blankets with us and get warm. The thumb, can I just say how much I love him being a thumb sucker? It's so much better and easier than a stinking pacifier! Now, he likes to suck the thumb and hold a blanket, or my shirt, or something in that hand while sucking and falling asleep. I see Linus in our future.... (you know, peanuts, Linus?!)

Karter's definitely a happy, mostly laid-back baby. He fusses only when hungry or poopy. He does a little, soft whine when sleepy and falls asleep very quickly. He fits very nicely into our little family, the perfect addition. Not a fan of car seats. Lover of all soft things. Enjoys watching and laughing at Kian and his silliness. They are interacting to much with each other over the last month, it's really nice to see. First, Karter would give a little smile, but now he laughs and wiggles and throws himself around to get in on whatever Kian is doing. I know I had hoped for a girl the second time around, but I am so happy and blessed (we all are) to have Karter and wouldn't trade any of it for the world. There's always next time...

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