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Because I've been up since 4 am I've had lots of time to think while laying in bed trying not to roll around too much to wake up Kevin or Karter. Yes, Karter spends most of the night in our bed. That's what happens when he eats every 2 hours around the clock, without fail. Yes, I've tried other things, cereal a few times, letting him cry a bit (he gets terrified and hyperventilates, day or night, if he gets left there too long and I am not going to do that to him at this age) but to no avail. So, I just go with it and in order for me to maximize my sleep (I guess, the little I do get) it's just easier for him to be next to me.

But, I digress. I just wanted to put a few more things up there that he's doing lately. While at the doctor's office for his ears, they weighed him on the baby scale. I laid him down and backed up, he rolled over and reached both hands out to me, crying of course. But, since then he's started reaching his arms out to who or what he wants, very cute. It was awhile before Kian did that.

He likes turning pages in books. Oddly enough, he turns paper pages better rather than the hard board book pages.

He growls. It's pretty amusing. At night when happy he has a high pitched 'ahhh' and 'oooh' that he makes over and over. But, during the day when he's happy and playing he 'errrr's a lot and it's quite funny.

Loves to grab everyone's hair. Like at 4 am this morning after eating, he grabs a hunk of my hair then shoves that hand and thumb in his mouth and falls asleep. Um, thanks, I might want to turn my head. =)

Looks a lot like Kevin, but can see some of me in him. Definitely bald like Kevin and has a bony head like Kevin did as a baby hehe. Going to dig out pics of all of us and compare, maybe post them later.

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