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Random ramblings...
I haven't been able to take a picture of Karter's little teeth yet. They're so cute. And sharp. I forget how sharp baby teeth can be! He loves gnawing on fingers and he left a mark on mine the other day. He and Kian are interacting so much now, it's so fun to watch. Before Kian would do some ting silly or sing and Karter would smile. Now, he's trying to initiate things with Kian with a screech, and bouncing all over when he's excited and they take turns being silly with each other. I like that they can entertain each other now, it gives me a break!

My meal planning has gone out the window lately and it's not good! That means we are eating "junk" more. Not necessarily terrible food, but it's randomly thrown together stuff and just not as good. Thank goodness for my crockpot on a lot of days! I need to rearrange my shopping day/night too. I used to go on Saturdays with Kian, after working all week. Since Karter's been born we've been going randomly and most recently I've been going on Thursday nights. Mostly because a) I hate going out when I don't have to, on days I work from home or the weekends and b) they boys don't want to go anywhere-well Kian is quite vocal about "just staying home, we are not going anywhere today" and finally c) it's a bit more challenging to take two of them to the store right now.

When it's warmer I throw Karter in the carrier and wear him around and Kian's in the cart. But when it's nasty I leave him in the car seat, which doesn't leave much room for Kian either in the cart or running around. I think soon when Karter sits up better I will try those carts that have the seating in front. I tried the truck carts that have a little truck front attached to the front of the cart. Terrible, awful, horrible. Can't see around it, kids can get up and out all the time. Don't do it. It's about as evil as the person who invented those mini carts for kids to push around the store ramming into unsuspecting ankles and crushing toes, or the wailing child standing in the middle of the aisle refusing to move himself or the tiny cart so one can pass by. The ones the parents end up carrying. Those are evil.

Work...some days it's going really well, other days it's just not going at all. Some days I get a lot done at home, some days not so much. Then I am doing things every night of the week to try to catch up. I don't like that, I hate feeling that not only do I take my work home with me but that it permeates every area of my life, takes precedent every hour...ugh.

Bright note--a spot has opened up at the daycare center for Karter, end of March, but a spot none the less. So, that's good. We'll see if I don't get canned before then, and see if one drop off and one pick up makes my life just a tad easier. But, then I worry the older he is the harder it's going to be to transition him into something like that. He's been with me, or Elissa now for 3 months, and it's going to be way different. Fun times being me, no really, it is!

Just realized I have one year left before I officially enter the 30's. I am unsure how I feel about that. I noted that because I was filling out my calendar with Karter's birthday and Kevin's 30th and Patrick's 28th. Really? 28? Somehow even though I know I get older, I can't seem to grasp my siblings getting older. My sister? Not 25. Nope, 14. With long hair and braces. My brother? 16. Driving his red Honda all over, shouldn't he be at Thendara working about this time? Something is wrong with me people.

Now, please enjoy the day for me as I file 1 trillion tiny trees away in my cases, and waste an hour of my life at a meeting of a case that is no longer mine, and shop before the "big storm of 2010" hits us Thursday and through the weekend...ciao!


Anonymous said...

yes we do get older and its hard to accept at times but we all are getting older at the same time and all of us are going through the same thoughts.....remember these times you have with your children.....take pictures and put them away in your heart, these times will come back to you later in your life and you will cry and look at your grand kids and say where has the time gone...

Anonymous said...

when your kids have GRAY hair---that's when you say where did the time go. Enjoy every minute. it's all too short.