the baby. 6 months.

"the baby" is 6 months old yesterday. "the boy" is in love with "the baby". I love that "the boy" is in love with "the baby". For real, this time. "the baby" is in the beginning stages of army/commando crawling. Re-baby-proofing is in the future.

the baby is loud. Go HERE to see how loud he is.

He's got to be heard, being second born and all. He's still a thumb-sucker with no means of quitting. Same goes for the mama milk. He's all about bananas. And chewing on people, and anything he can get his hands, er mouth, on. His teeth are finally visible. He's still pretty bald, but hair is finally growing in. Blondish, light brown, but going to be very blonde in the summer. 'Cause I can tell these things you know.

He's a peanut. Girls his age are towering over him. hehe. Well, they're longer and weigh more than he does. I figure he'll just hit a big growth spurt in 8th grade and show them who's boss.

He's my snuggly boy. Whereas Kian was ready to sleep on his own at 4 months and once mobile, wasn't much of a snuggler, Karter is still wanting that closeness. He loves to touch your face and hair. Sometimes at night when he wakes up, I think he wants to eat, but he really just wants to snuggle up in the crook of my arm or neck and go back to sleep. Yeah, I know, hard habit to break, but for now co-sleeping lets us all get the maximum amount of sleep. He sleeps very well in his crib during the day for naps, so for now it's all good.

I notice Karter doing things that Kian didn't do for a few months yet (figured out our jumperoo really fast a few weeks ago, Kian didn't get it until at least 7 months) and then there are things he's not interested in doing yet that Kian had nailed. It's fun and interesting to see the differences in personality and development. If I had to say so right now, Karter's the lover and Kian's the fighter. Together, one dynamic duo that I wouldn't want to mess with. =)

I see myself letting Karter be a baby more than I may have let Kian. I was so intent on making sure he was exposed to everything, stimulated by the right things, hit his milestones on time or early, even dressed him in "real clothes" right away. With Karter, I see how fast the 2.5 years went with Kian and have no intentions of making the next 2.5 fly by that fast. Of course I still want him to hit his milestones and be exposed to things. But, I want to enjoy it more and not hurry it along. I didn't put Karter in 'big boy clothes' until 4 months, and even then I've still shied away from the jeans and things I put Kian in. He's got years to look like a big boy, so I'll take my cuddly mush bug for now. Then I wonder, is it my different thinking that makes him that way, or was he just destined to be the mama's boy even more? Probably a little of both...

So, here's to 6 months of exhaustion, frustration, spreading myself among the three men in my house, that were strangely incredible, delicious, enjoyable and leaving me wanting a few more newborns...shh don't tell Kevin.

I just found out I can embed my videos from my cell phone on here from facebook, so here's several:

Kian singing to Karter (row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, if you seen an alligator don't forget to scream, ahh!)


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