Conversations with Kian

Kian begins to play with some learning cards, depicting a happy baby and a sad baby...
Kian: Jon, do you have a baby?
Jon (trying to be funny): No! (I don't think so, anyway)
Kian: Jon! You should just get a baby then!

During prayer time, after praying for (all) his grandparents...
"And God...God, thank you...thank you for putting all the toys in the stores, God."
I don't even know where to go with that one. At least he gave God credit...?

After wrestling with daddy...
Kian: I want to steamroller Karter!
Me: No! He's too little for wrestling.
Kian: But, mommy! Karter wants to steamroll me!
Me: Fine, just wait til he gets bigger, then you'll sorry.
A move daddy invented, consisting of Kian smothering daddy from head to toe like a steamroller.

At Wegmans, waiting in the checkout line...
"Mommy! That's Miss Trina! Look!"
looking....looking...He meant on the cover of Glamour. She'll be thrilled! (Must remember to tell her that tomorrow.)

Grocery shopping...
"Mommy, I need smarshmallows and twizzerlers." When asked why? "Because I do. I have to have one smarshmallow and one twizzerler for snack."
Okay then.
yes he calls them twizzerlers not just twizzlers.

Upon discussing that Aunt Elissa is having a baby...
"She will go to the 'hopspital' and push the baby out of her belly and she will be a little sore. They will wash the baby. Grant has a baby. I have a baby. I have Karter baby. I don't want another boy baby, mommy. I want Karter."
(Me: You can have another baby after Karter gets bigger too, we will keep Karter too.)
"Okay, I will have a sister baby then after Karter gets big."
Good idea.

And the strangest of all?

After taking a shower with me, as we're drying off...
Kian: Mommy, why do you look like that?
Me: (wondering where this is going!) Like what?
Kian: Like Uncle Packy?!
Me: Uhhh....I have no idea what you mean, but he is my brother.
I'm just going with the wet, slicked-back hair look made him think that...?

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