new tricks

Karter's got a few new tricks--(yeah, I know, not like a dog, but you know)

He coughs on purpose, and if anyone coughs he copies them. Sticks his tongue out and coughs, pretty funny.

He says "dada" (not to Kevin yet) but we can get him to say "hi dada" the sounds all together if we tell him to. Pretty cute to hear this breathy "hiiiii dada" from such a tiny thing.

He's working on some more serious crawling moves--getting his butt in the air, and then up on his hands, just not at the same time.

Kian's got some new tricks too-

putting jigsaw puzzles together, like many-pieced ones and very quickly

making his own sandwiches

putting away his clothes

feeding the cats every morning (ok so those last two are more like chores, but he likes to help and does them well)

rhyming, every word has a rhyme now, all the time. funny sometimes, a little on your nerves at others =)

gets completely dressed on his own and picks out his clothes (that can be interesting) he's done this for a couple months now, but it's so nice not to have to get him dressed in the morning along with myself and Karter.

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