Conversations with Kian

Kian: Look, I buried the ho ho.
Me: The what? Oh, the Santa toy. That Santa won't work if you fill it with sand. (It's a plastic pull-back racer Santa head...blah)
Kian: No, it will work. It's a ho ho.
Me: It's a ho ho?
Kian: Yes, his name is ho ho. He's a Sanda.
Me: Yes, that's a Santa and he does say ho ho, that's a good name for him.
Kian: No! He's a SanDA. Sanda. See, he's in the sand.

Ha! Clever boy, play on words already.

Visiting Aunt Neenee and her puppies, he claims the yellow one for himself and when asked what it's name is... "Steve" (well first it was Skeet like the daddy dog's name, but then Steve.) Couldn't be funnier. =)

Dang, I had a lot more this week but unless I write them down right away, I forget. But, now we are working with him on NOT picking Karter up...oh boy.

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