Karter baby

Karterbaby. All one word. That's his name around here, since day one. I think because Kian always got called "my boy" and "Kian boy" from all the grandparents, and his cousin Grant gets "Grantman". So, when Karter was born Kian and I just started with Karterbaby and it's stuck.

Anyways, Karterbaby is still very much a baby, but getting big and doing so much more lately. I realize he will be 8 months old soon and I"ll probably be doing an update then too, but oh well. He's still such a peanut. I looked back at Kian's records and Karter was/is 2 lbs smaller and over an inch shorter than Kian was at 6 months! Now it makes sense why all those clothes are still so big on him! He's still wearing a lot of 3-6 month stuff, some 6-9. I had to get a few summer things in 9m because Kian's old 12m stuff looks so huge.

And those cheeks, so deceiving. Everyone always says how chubby he is. Then they pick him up and realize how light and small he is. And finally not quite as bald anymore! His hair looks quite blonde in the light, I might get my wish of a blondie for a couple months at least!

This weekend he started waving. It's too cute. Mostly fisted, but gets the arm going when we say hi or bye. He points with his left index finger, not really at anything yet, just likes to point it and touch it to our fingers. He gives kisses when you tell him to, slobbery ones of course! He's a fast little inchworm all over the floors, contemplating climbing the stairs but not ready yet, just gets over and puts a hand on and stares at them. This weekend he's also been getting up on hands and knees to do some real crawling soon.

And the best? He's started using 'mama' more directly to me. He had been adding new sounds, one at a time, each week a different one-mama, dada, baba, then this funny 'puh' puffed out cheek blowing sounds. Then in the last few days he started back to the mama again and is seeming to begin to understand it's for me. He does it when he wakes up and wants to be picked up, same with on the floor, etc. Love it.

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