Conversations with Kian

All I can say is OH BOY! When I would think about motherhood and parenting, these things just never popped into my head as things that would be said in my house...!

Yelling from the bathroom: "Mommy! Mommy! My poop is green! It's not brown, it's green!"
Lovely. I'm guessing from the green beans, peas, salad, broccoli and green wraps you had all weekend.

Getting his diaper on for bedtime:
Kian: My penits isn't big. It's little.
Me: Yes, because you are little. When you get bigger, it will too. (sigh)
Kian: Yes, I will get bigger and bigger and it will get bigger and bigger.
(It starts this early??)
Kian: And my puppy has a penits too.
Me: Yes, the boy ones do.
Kian: And all the puppies had butts.
Me: (insert, weary tone here) Yes, everyone has a butt too.

"Mommy! I had one diarrhea!"

"Sorry Ace, your claw fell off." upon finding cat's nail he'd shed.

"Sorry mommy, I need this Lego train for my birthday."

Starting to cry immediately after waking up and looking out the window:
"It's raining! But, now we can't go fishing if it's raining!"

Watching our lawn get cut, beginning to cry:
"No! Mommy! He's cutting all the dandy-lions! I want them!"
I assured him they'd be back by tomorrow.

At Highland Park, playing amongst the lilacs:
"I don't see any squirrels mommy. Where are you squirrels? Are you playing ping pong?"

When I told him we were going to Highland Park to check out the lilacs (I say lie-lock) he says "Yeah! Let's go to the kai-a-lack park." Hmm...

After talking to Aunt Neenee on the phone about "his" puppy, I relayed the message that she's been calling him "Steve" like Kian did when he was there to meet the puppy. He looks at me, annoyed and says "Her should not call him Steve, his name is Finn." Okay then.

When he gets married, I'm going to have all these printed and bound in a book for him. I'm just very afraid of what Karter will be saying after hearing stuff like this from Kian...and Kevin...

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