A recap

Busy week, but with lots of downtime too, if that makes sense.

Let's start with the major stuff...Karter fell off my bed. Yes, I know, I don't need to hear all the dos and don'ts and shouldn'ts, etc. But, I know that every single parent has plopped their baby on their bed. Anyways, a little bruise on his forehead and he's fine. No more worse for the wear.

Kian sported a ponytail because he told me he wanted to look like a soccer player. He accomplished that. Hey if he can accomplish that and make millions wearing a ponytail, more power to him.

We put an offer on an old farmhouse with 5 acres, not far from where we are now. But, the same morning we did, we were told someone else had just put a cash offer in (after 9 mos of being on the market!) and they were accepting that...sigh. It was definitely a fixer-upper, but with great land and lots of room! Oh well, we just keep our eyes open for some land, since that is what we really want.

Karter's working on his top teeth, one is pretty close. He's about thisclose to "real" crawling on hands and knees, as opposed to the inchworm, hopping elbows and knees thing he's doing right now. That still gets him where he wants to go very fast though.

We painted the front of our house, the cedar shingles, to match the rest of the siding on the house. It apparently had been "touched-up" by previous owners but various colors were beginning to show through. That was a 2 afternoon project by myself and Kevin, not bad really. We've also done some touch-ups throughout the house to just finish off projects we did (trim paint, "oops" spots on ceilings, doors, etc.

Monday, we spent the day at the museum since it was pretty dreary weather. Had a ball, as usual, especially in the Lego exhibit. Those are Kian's new favorites. He has carried the Toys 'r us booklet around for 2 weeks, even to bed, pointing out to everyone that he needs those Lego blocks (in various sets). He can't wait for his birthday. He may or may not be getting a puppy from his aunt Neenee, we'll have to finalize those details. We did visit them last week and he fell in love.

We had coffee & donuts with a friend yesterday and Karter got to play with his 2 baby lady friends this week. It's so cute to watch them interact with each other, touching and smiling and screeching. Luckily we didn't get kicked out of Tim Horton's between theirs and Kian's yelling and jumping around. =)

Due to Karter's almost crawling and practicing that in bed, along with his tooth and bumped noggin there wasn't much sleep for a couple days between him and I. Kevin and Kian of course slept just wonderfully. Such is life. He only woke up once last night and let me have a few 4 hour stretches, which was great.

Plans this weekend are totally weather dependent, as they are calling for a rainy weekend. However, it is still nice and sunny right now. So we are headed outside, and might go to the Gravel Ponds campground (Kevin got another membership this summer) for some fishing and playing, and I need to shop for some shorts/capris, anything that actually FITS me! It's nice to be a smaller size, but really, pants hanging off your butt is soooo not attractive!

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