Conversations with Kian--baby edition

While I continue uploading pictures from Kian's birthday, I thought I'd share his hilarious comments recently--the baby edition.

"Aunt Elissa had her baby. She pushed out baby Norah from her belly and now... she's a little sore." (with sad voice at the end)

Kian: When I get big, I will have a baby in my belly.
Me: No, only girls and mommies have babies in their bellies, not boys.
Kian: But, I can have a baby.
Me: No, remember we talked about how girls and mommies have special parts inside their bellies to grow babies?
Kian: Well, you can have more babies.
Me: True.

While saying prayers one night:
Me: ...and thank you for the warm sunshine today...who do you want to pray for today?
Kian: Allen and Uncle Paul and more kids.
Me: Okay, what kids?
Kian: more kids.
Me: Whose kids?
Kian: Our kids. The more kids we're going to have.
Me: Oh. Well, sure, we can pray for more kids. You want more kids in the house?
Kian: Yes. lots more, like 11.
Me: Okay, well that's too many! How about like 1 or 2 more?
Kian: Yes, 2 more.
Me: Will they be boy kids or girl kids?
Kian: Girl kids.
Me: You want a sister?
Kian: Yes. One sister for me and one sister for Karter.
Me: Sounds good.

Driving in the car a few days later...
Kian: We have to move my carseat.
Me: Why?
Kian: We have to move it to the back to make room.
Me: To make room for what?
Kian: For the more kids we're going to have.
Me: (laughing) tell Daddy that, but if and when we have more kids it will still be awhile before they need to be in carseats.
Kian: there's one in your belly right now.
Me: Nope, not today buddy (my typical response)
Kian: There is!
Me: Well unless God did some of His magic work, there's not at this moment.
Kian: Well, God has powers.
Me: Yes, he does, he can do anything.
Kian: Yes, he can do anything.

And another discussion about babies...
Kian: we can have more babies in our house.
Me: yes, we can. how about some girl babies?
Kian: no another boy baby.
Me: Well, you and Karter and daddy, and Finn and the cats are all boys. Mommy is the only girl, don't you think I need another girl in the house?
Kian: Yes, you do. We'll have a girl baby.
Me: What will we name her? (insert me throwing out some girls names I like)
Kian: No, those aren't baby names.
Me: They're not? Why not?
Kian: Baby names are like chubby-bubby, crabby-babby...
Me: (laughing) well those aren't babies names, those are nicknames. We call Karter those silly names but his real name is Karter, right? We can give babies one name and then make up silly nicknames for them too.
Kian: Oh. I will make up silly names for our babies too.
Me: That would be silly and make them laugh.

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