weekly rundown

Well....let's see here, another busy week.

Sunday we went to church, then went right out to my grandma's to go over some things, take measurements, look at the shop, talk lawyer stuff, etc. Then we came home and got word Elissa was headed to the hospital. Baby Norah was born around 2 am. Such a tiny peanut at about 6 lbs! Karter was almost 3 lbs more than her at birth, crazy! He's so small but looks so big next to her now. Yay for pink girly things in the family now!

Monday, Karter marks the 24 hour diarrhea free mark, but starts a runny nose and red eyes, allergies? So, we just hung around the house after a busy day. Picking our strawberries and enjoying the swingset and sandbox.

Tuesday we ran some errands, got some baby gifts and visited with Baby Norah. All attempts of photos with all 4 grandkids were futile! haha

Wednesday the boys and I went shopping, groceries and got Kian's cake making/decorating items for his little party on Sunday. The boy couldn't decide for ages what he wanted on his cake, or what he wanted ti to be. I was going to make him a toolbox cake and stick real tools in the top (sort of Handy Manny style) but then he wanted Thomas (he doesn't even watch or care about it unless he sees it in the store/on tv) then it was back to McQueen, then a firetruck...we settled on McQueen and Cars movie theme...oy vey.

Today we hit up the library for some play and reading and hanging out with random kids =) Then Kian helped me make some food for Paul and Elissa. He made the brownies himself, I just measured the ingredients, he told me what to get. "Oil mommy, and water, now more water, I said more!" Apparently he thought the 3 tbsp it called for wasn't enough. Sadly the brownies weren't done yet to bring them. He came with me when we dropped the food off and on the way home he said "Grant has a baby sister now. I need a baby sister and Karter needs a baby sister." I asked, "does that mean we'll have 2 baby sisters in the house?" He said yes. I'm down wiht that, but when I asked if they would be twins, he was appalled that 2 babies could be born at once and refused to allow it, haha!

Tomorrow, Friday, Karter's got a date with the Strong Infant Lab. When babies are born at Strong they give you an option to sign up to be on their list at the U of R labs for child studies. I signed both Kian and Karter up and have gone several times. They hook the kids up to a brainwave hat, or they record their faces and eye movements all while watching a 3-5 minute video. And you can get a shirt or $10 for your 15 minutes of time. They do studies on learning language and other development. It's neat.

Although, we'll see if Karter participates well. He's been miserable this whole week. I'm not sure if it's just the tail end of this diarrhea so-called virus thing, or something else? He won't let me put him down. His face has been breaking out when eating things, but i can't figure out what it might be, since we haven't eaten anything new. He just cries and screams and throws himself on the ground. He's really getting a temper, not just upset crying but mad, screeching crying. That's fun. Thankfully, Kian's been pretty good this week. We seem to be over the hump with his challenging behaviors for the time being. Probably again in the fall we'll see some more changes and issues. Such is life, such are the phases of childhood.

The rest of Friday and Saturday will be spent making Grandma McKnight's potato salad. I've given up on having the perfection of it being exactly like hers, but if dad says it's decent, then I've succeeded =) And cake, and frosting it, and somehow trying to turn it in to looking like something from the Cars movie...good luck Charlie! (if anyone realizes I said this and that I've been watching Disney channel too much, I'm doomed!)

Sunday we'll have a very small get together for Kian's birthday, thanking Wegmans for their deli platter. And then figure out what to do with all the new stuff he just got sine we're trying to pack stuff away.

I suppose Monday I'll have to ask him what HE wants to do on his actual birthday. Wishing he could have the Grandma McKnight experience I did! Those birthday days were the best! I remember lots of them--trip to Genessee Country Museum, to TJ's Big Boy (I think it used to be in Irondequoit?) and I think that was my first tuna melt, and she bought me a training bra one time, and another time-white boot/shoes with star cutouts that my mother would have never bought! =) I think I enjoyed having that alone time from siblings as much as with her! And when I'd ask her "where are we?" while driving, the answer always was...."right here". =D Miss you Gram! Thinking I need to send her a plane ticket to come visit!

And on that note, I'd best conclude my rambling post about my week, that is boring you all to tears!

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