Karter's a Smartipants!

These ain't your grandma's cloth diapers! That's for sure. They're Smartipants!

So, I got these new diapers. Love them. Absolutely love them. I've been doing the old cotton prefold, pin, then cover, cloth diapering, with Kian and some with Karter. But, it was a lot of work especially with two of them in and out of diapers. The covers were cute, don't get me wrong. But, having to have several different sizes of covers for each kid, then figure out whose cover was whose, etc. was a huge pain in my behind.

(Karter also loves his shark Babylegs) So I decided, there has to be a better way than this for cloth diapers. Of course there was, I just hadn't put much effort into it because I was working and had been using mostly disposables. But, when Kian started getting terrible rashes that wouldn't' go away, from every disposable on the market? Time for cloth again, completely.

I decided I wanted an All-in-one diaper (AIO). With 2 kids, 2 wiggly kids, I wanted something that was fast and acted like a disposable for the most part. Then, I thought, well it'd be even better if I could use the same diaper for both, right? Okay, so we narrowed it down to AIO and One-size diapers. And I was sick of velcro that got worn out and stuck to everything. Also, I couldn't spend a lot, since I had just stopped working. God bless the Internet. So, I happened upon www.thanksmama.com and there were some deals, with free shipping and Smartipants were the cheapest diapers out there that were AIO and one-size and snaps. Click, click, cha-ching. And they were on their way.

I ordered 6. They came pretty quickly. I put them on, adjusted the size for Karter and it was all over. Besides being adorable, in various pastel shades (boys and girls colors, as well as neutral) they were very trim and fit under all his clothes. Something I had a lot of trouble with using prefolds and covers. And if I had to double up a prefold, forget it, busting out, soaking clothes. Then, I put one on Kian for bedtime, skeptical they'd fit. Um, he was not even at the end of the snaps, plenty of room. There was nothing to learn, just snap it on in the size that fits your baby and go. Then just throw the thing in the wash when you're done. There are 3 height-adjustable snaps, and I think 10 waist-adjustable snaps. These babies can fit your babies from birth until about 35 lbs.

It didn't take long before I bought another 6, then another 3 pack. If I could, I'd buy a few more, but Kevin would not be so thrilled at the moment with my constant diaper buying. =) At about $12 per diaper, it's the cheapest on the market and lasts the entire diaper stage, and definitely saves money in the long run.

Karter's been sick recently (as in going through a lot of diapers, and while I did some disposable, these held up!) and let me tell you, nothing has stained the white interior of these diapers, nothing! He's even smeared avocado, strawberries and spaghetti sauce on the outside and they don't stain either! For overnights, I just add another insert and there's no leakage.

Oh-the inserts! Let me tell you the best part ever. With prefolds you're dunking and soaking in a wet, stinky pail. With Smartipants, you throw away the solids and store it dry until wash day (I use a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and some baking soda, no smell!). And with most other pocket diapers you have to pull out that dirty, wet insert yourself. Not with these intelligent diapers! The insert removes itself, in the washer. My hands never get dirty. Ahh yes. Love it. I am constantly trying to get everyone else to buy these bad boys because I love them so much. Now, if they just had some brighter colors and construction truck prints... =)

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babyfood said...

So cute! We love our Fuzzibunz (fleece pocket diaper). Worlds beyond the prefolds!