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In lieu of actual blogging I've just thrown some pictures up to quiet the wolves. Ha, right, like anyone really reads this thing. But, let's recap shall we, because I don't remember the last time I gave a good rundown of things?

Obviously Kian turned 3 on the 21st. It wasn't as momentous as I thought, probably because I've been calling him a three year old for the last month. He's been acting like it, i couldn't help it. Small family get together are easy, but also seem a bit tedious. I don't want to make everyone feel like they have to come and have to get him a present; trust me, we have so many toys it's ridiculous! We'll see what happens next year if he wants a kid party--guess that will mean he'll have to make new friends after we move! I'm a little sad he'll leave the few kids he knows and talks about. Funniest thing is that on his birthday I asked him what he wanted for dinner, anything he wanted. He says "pork chops". Okay, I guess. So I thawed them out. Kevin comes home, says "Kian do you want to go to Chuck E Cheese or Friendly's or get something for your birthday?" No, he just wants pork chops. Kevin's like "I'm offering you anything, you could ask for whatever you wanted today and you'd get it and all you want is pork chops?" Yep. Silly boy.

We had a double check up for Kian's 3 year and Karter's 9 month on the 22nd. That....that was so much fun. I could barely hear the doctor, Kian was a maniac by the end, Karter was exhausted and hungry. They always force me into taking the first after lunch slot and I hate it, that is the worst time ever. Brought up Kian's flat feet, ankle rotations, they still have no desire to do anything about it. I'd like arch inserts as to avoid any future problems. I will watch it and see how it goes some more. They were surprised that Kian recognizes letters and counts to 25, amongst other things. I thought that was typical; but then again it skills vary across the board. They were also surprised he was potty-trained, and even more so when I told them he had been since 2.5. When they asked me how his speech was, if he was understood by people, what type of things he said, I said "there is no problem except that his speech is too good, he knows too much and says too much". Kian looks at the doctor and says "my speech is tooooo good." Got it? haha. He asked about discipline, this doctor is crazy adamant about time outs. Sometime that works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes there are other things. He insists that I make Kian stay in time out and listen to me for the full 3 minutes, yada yada. I was like I already know this, I've worked and studied in child development and did the nod/bobblehead thing. I told him that Kian doesn't really hit or bite or anything, and he really doesn't, I think he's only done either of them once. But, of course, 4 minutes after saying that he bites Karter's leg. Really? Thanks kid!

Ugh. Then we moved on to Karter...joy of joys. They're flipping because when weighed at their offices it shows since 6 months he's only gained 4 ounces. I weighed him regularly and know that he lost a pound, that's why I finally brought him in when he wouldn't stop with the vomiting and diarrhea. But that is not on their records. So they labeled him Failure to thrive, but didn't tell me that, oh no, just put it on the record. Nice. They want a check in a month. We talked about allergies, something I've been bringing up since he was a newborn. Especially the dairy, I could see that right away. Now, I think soy and wheat are issues. But, finally since they are seeing this slow growth, whatever, they want us to go to an allergist. I told them I've been giving him peanut butter sandwiches because it will put weight on him and he's not allergic. Doctor said that was actually a good thing, since we know there's not nut allergies and was all for it, I was surprised. I worked with a lot of FTT kids and half the time there's a parent component, whether it's uneducated about infant feeding, or their own issues (mental, food, and other) etc. so he was asking some questions I could tell were masked about that. But, I reminded him of Kian also slowing down on the growth chart about this age, and that Kevin and that whole side of his family is skinny, and can't gain weight no matter what! It's sickening! =) Other than that, he's perfectly happy, smart, normal, doing exactly what he should be and more (standing, cruising, 6 teeth, etc.).

What other annoying things to tell? Oh, the open house was a complete failure. One person showed up, and it was one of our neighbors. Nice. Real nice. We might do another one again in a few weeks, we'll see. We kind of feel like the realtor isn't pushing it as much as he could. Other people have more signs on their roads and...just more something. He does mostly higher end houses on the other side of the city but used to train with Kevin and helped us buy this house and we thought we'd just go the same route... we'll see if that was a good idea or not. We kind of need to get something going, some interest would be great. We even dropped the price at their suggestion, but I don't want to keep dropping it as we need to cover expenses and people will automatically offer lower. We will see what happens in the next month I guess...

So that's kept us busy. Along with new babies to visit, 3 family birthdays, graduation parties, constant detail cleaning and upkeep with the house-just in case, zoo trips, library trips, so much packed in one month. Tomorrow Kian and I have a dentist appointment-his first. Kevin's mother gave him a dentist book, but of course it was all wrong. It said the mom couldn't go in, but I can, I"m actually going first so he can watch. Then it showed cavities and needles and drills in a room full of scary equipment. Totally, not what our dentist office looks like! So I asked him if he was excited or nervous and he said "a little nervous". I'm trying to play it up as fun, but realistic with the tickly toothbrush and a toy at the end and counting teeth, etc. Hopefully that goes well!

We're having a small ant problem. We found some all over Finn's cage after Kian's party, actually the next morning after the dog barked all night long. But they're so tiny we couldn't see them, oops! They were all over his flavored bone. And they're coming in from outside into the porch somehow, a few at a time. Keeping it clean and spraying things all over, but it's a pain! Not cool when we're trying to sell the house!

When I vacuum, Finn gets scared and whiny. What does Kevin do? Let him on the couch to snuggle with him. Really? Ugh. Then Kevin's mother let him up there with her the next night while we were out and she babysat. The darn rotten dog now thinks he can go up there whenever he pleases! No! He knows when I come in the room that he gets off. It's all cute and cuddly as a puppy but does anyone think about the 80lb dog on there, taking up the whole couch? No. Only me, always have to be the discipline-authority one. Sigh. And I love how people do things and feed things to Finn and then complain. Well, don't give him stuff from the table and he won't beg, don't get all goofy voiced and he won't jump. it's always fine because they don't' live with the dog, much like kids. Ugh.

I'll end this much too long post on a happy note for me---I've been wearing size 6 and in the last week my jean capris have felt baggy. I took a good look, they're big! So, I went to Penney's today and got a size 4!!! FOUR!!! I don't remember being a size 4, ever. I probably went from Juniors' sizes straight to 8's and 10's. So sad. Loving it! Probably the boxing fitness classes I've started taking with my friend Meghan. LOVE IT! It's cardio, and conditioning exercises with boxing half the class. It's way fun, good price, great anger management (haha!) and awesome workout. I probably wouldn't have done it completely on my own, so glad that Meghan was initiated with me, and that they have women only classes. Going tomorrow night! ROC Boxing & Fitness.

And I'll shut up, turn my fingers off and go to bed...night!

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