My recipe/creations

I had chicken breast. I had asparagus. I wanted them both in one dish. I didn't care for the recipes I saw online--casserole, chicken asparagus pie, souffles, etc. etc. etc. I knew what I wanted, so just went with it. Results--amazing. Not sure what to call it--Chicken breast & asparagus with lemon pepper sauce? Something like that.

I started with salt and pepper(ing?) the chicken. Then I browned it in some hot olive oil. I set those in a baking dish. All this time I was parboiling/steaming asparagus chunks. In the chicken frying pan I added a tablespoon of margarine, couple teaspoons of balsamic vinegar, and about 1/4 cup of flour, give or take, I used my hand (palmful). Whisk that together with lemon pepper seasoning, one clove mashed garlic, some salt (I really wanted some white wine but didn't have any open, only red and I wasn't about to open an entire bottle, even if I found one).

Then I slowly whisked in the water from the asparagus (it was about 1-2 cups when said and done) and about 1/4 cup of asparagus chunks I mashed. It was a bit thick, but when the chicken cooks it releases more juices, so I didn't want the end sauce to be too thin. I poured it over the top of the chicken breasts and asparagus chunks. Baked until breasts were done. Mmm, delicious. This probably would have worked very well with some white wine and actual lemon juice had I had it. Also, could have been made using cream/milk instead of asparagus water.

So good!

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