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Just randomness today. We've had a very busy last few weeks between holiday picnics and trips to Canandaigua (yes trips, they're day-long) and doctor's appointments and blood draws for Karter and everyday nonsense. I'm so ready for a vacation!

Finn lost 4 of his puppy teeth this weekend. It's kind of cute to see his missing spaces and new ones growing in. I explained the process to Kian now he thinks he teeth will fall out soon. I keep telling him he's got a couple years yet.

It's very, very muggy today. Even with AC on I feel sticky. Outside is not sunny, just humid. And cloudy. I don't like it much.

The house...grrr, the house. I know the market's crap right now. But we feel like we're telling the realtor how to do the job (open house? fliers around town? sign at the crossroads by our street? etc.). He says there's lots of hits on the internet, but no offers, no showings, nothing. He convinced Kevin to drop the price--again. After just one month on the market. Ugh! And it's a $5k drop every time! I really, really do not like that and am not comfortable that this is his only solution/idea to the problem. We went from $145k (which we know is the higher end of comparable house in our area, but we all know that people low-ball their offers) and now we're at $135K. Um, to break even and be able to cover all costs on this closing and everything we can't really go any lower. And yet people are going to start their offers probably around $120-something. Not good. Grrr. So that's making us miserably annoyed. Another open house scheduled for this Sunday. See what happens then. In this case, with price dropping I am taking the hot tub and swing set with me now. That $5k drop is equal to the hot tub, so you ain't getting it. Hmph!

On the happy, let's see...we're healthy, happy...etc.

As party of I was chosen to have a Ball Canning party. They sent me a big box of canning goodies--the canning pot, all the utensils, pectin, coupons for all the jars, recipes books, reusable bags, etc. So this Wed I will be doing that with a few girls. We'll be making their salsa recipe and maybe something else. I'll try to take pictures, but there will be several little munchkins running around! It will be fun =)

After much deliberation about the Yankees game on the 24th...(Kevin's client gave him tickets for an early birthday present, at the new stadium). It was supposed to be for Kevin and I to go...but, we couldn't just figure it out. I know, the majority of people said "just leave the boys, they'll be fine, and go". It's just not that simple, even though everyone thinks it is. For Kian, yes it would be that simple. For Karter, it's not. The boy still is up twice a night, and nursing is the only thing that gets him back to sleep. (there is no cry-it-out with him-not that i like that method anyways-he'll just hyperventilate and freak out, and we'll not go into how some people think that's a manipulation tactic-for him it's just not) So, between Karter getting up twice a night (some more, some less) his random food allergies (yes, still breaks out with other stuff even though testing only showed milk) and his extreme separation anxiety (that Kian never had!) I couldn't, and it just wouldn't be fair to leave him (and whoever I left him with would be cursing me, becauseI know them and a bottle wouldn't comfort him at 3 am hehe). We talked about bringing him, or bringing both, and me or someone just staying in hotel with them while Kevin went to game with me or someone else, etc. So many options, since I really wanted to go to NYC, having never been. But, the easiest thing was to just let Kevin decide to take someone else. So, they'll have fun at least. That means he still owes me a vacation. Kian wants to go camping and so do I, so we'll plan something for August I hope.

And here i shall admit my extreme blonde-ness still. In boxing class we use medicine balls to jump up and throw them down (they're like 8-10 lbs) works your legs and arms. So, this morning I saw Kevin's and decided to try it at home. I jumped up. I threw it down as hard as I could. BAM! It BOUNCED back up and hit me in the FACE! Ugh. It's not supposed to do that! It's supposed to stay on the ground! Yeah so slightly swollen nose, bloody nose, sore cheek. Fun times. I'll just stick to the basics of what I know. Nothing fancy like that anymore =)

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