Tips from the mommy trenches

Giving a 10.5 month old peanut butter like giving him the whole jar and rolling him in it. (Folded sandwiches are much less messy). After a quick bath in the sink, I'm still finding it everywhere and his hair has the most lovely crunch to it.

White cupboards might look first, but they don't stay that way and require a LOT of constant cleaning to stay white.

Windex is the only cleaner you really need. Windex puts automatic shine and sheen on everything. Try it. When I did housekeeping at the now defunct Thendara, my supervisor handed me a bottle and said "just use this". Confused, I followed directions and marveled at it's amazing versatility. I'd forgotten about that over the years, and even though it's really not environmentally friendly I'm sure, it works in every room and on every surface! When I'm spiffing up the house and doing some detail cleaning for our open house (tomorrow!) I just take towels and Windex from room to room. Dusting, windows, computer screens, baseboards, counters and cupboards get a nice clean shine from it as well. It makes your sink sparkle.

When spraying said Windex on cupboards, use a chair to spray the top cupboards above your head, especially when the ceiling fan is one. I guess my glasses got cleaned in the process though...

When you're 3 year old screams bloody murder for 45 straight minutes and you don't beat the crap out of them, I believe you've earned the title of "saint". (That would be screaming because you took their [unnecessary] slushie away from them after they have otherwise hurt their baby brother for the umpteenth time that day, and enough was enough, said child was going to bed.)

If your 3 year old looks like he's going to throw up, don't stop to ask "are you going to throw up?" because in the time it took you to ask that, you could have already had a towel or bucket under him instead of waiting for an answer and watching him throw up all over himself. Just sayin'...

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