Thoughts on health--Part I: fitness

I guess you can say my husband rubbed off on me, finally. Sorta. No worries about me becoming an overly tanned, 'roid puffed bodybuilding queen. I hated gym class where we had to run a mile, swim a certain stroke, learn basketball moves (do they even call them moves? whatever.) and all that stuff. I wasn't into it. I was out of shape. My asthma would flare up when I ran. Those weren't things I was interested in. I did enjoy tennis and softball but never had enough confidence to continue on. I felt i was bad at it and never pursued it to become better, just quit.

Amazing what 10 years, 2 kids, an education and a fit hubby can do for you. Or maybe I'm just over that self-conscious, caring what others think, thing. And, liking myself and my body; after all it's created and sustained 2 kids over the last 3 years, with the experience of all natural childbirth. Yeah, I like my body now. And I know that even if I suck at something at first, I can get better and I have to put some more effort into it.

Somehow, my body balloons up during pregnancy (yeah, I know, my fault probably) but loses it pretty quickly and with nursing, I keep losing more than I gained. Times two, that is amazing. I told Kevin last night that I weigh about 15-20lbs less now than when he married me. I weigh what I did in high school. For me, that's pretty amazing. I am tempted to try on my wedding dress and see it loose on me-if it wasn't packed away! Unfortunately, this has come at a cost...losing weight after pregnancies amounts to loose stomach skin that makes me gag, and losing weight after pregnancy and nursing equals a small chest. I have gone down in bra cup 2 sizes. Yikes.

Okay so, I feel guilty saying that a large portion of this weight lose over the last 3 years hasn't been hard. That I really haven't done much to make it happen. I worked out here and there after Kian, I did keep active with walks, swimming, just playing with him, etc. Now I take a boxing fitness class (ROC boxing & fitness--"box your way to fitness") 1-2 times a week. I love it. It's always intrigued me and to learn proper boxing techniques, along with some cardio and conditioning portions adds up to a very intense, but fun, workout. This is the first organized, committed exercise I've done in....almost ever.

I think I hated exercise before because I didn't know how to do it properly, how much, when, and thought it had to be a forced, not fun thing. But, all the little things I do count as exercise and calorie burners too. Taking a walking, bike ride, chasing kids, going up and down 3 flights of stairs all day long, swimming, tennis, all the things I like to do-they count too. Finding what I like, what I'm good at, helps do it more. Also having Kevin wanting to do these things along with the boys now, gets us all active. It's a great bonding time tromping through the trails in the woods, or playing Frisbee with the puppy, swimming and playing in the pool, as well as exercise.

Until just last week, I thought runners were stupid. Like, really. Stupid. Like, I didn't get why you would want to run. A treadmill was boring for me too, but easier on the knees. And then just running around the road for no reason, I didn't get it. Then, with stress last week and all the little things annoying me and not being able to be as active as I wanted to, I suddenly had this "I need to go for a run" feeling. It was confusing. What?? A run? So, I took the dog and I ran in the trails. "Hmm...that made me feel better, got rid of some anger and stress, my body is now feeling good and Finn got exercise. Okay, so I sorta get it". I will never understand the marathon, long-distance runners. I get a couple miles, but 26 or whatever? Um, no. Take a car or a bike haha.

But, the most amazing thing? I could DO it. I mean, I could actually run a mile, with the puppy, without stopping, without almost dying. Usually what happens when I try to run is that my lungs explode before my legs get tired. But, between healthy eating, losing some weight and getting in shape, I can do it. My legs are getting tired before my lungs explode! It's amazing. For me, anyways. I can go to my boxing classes and it might be tough right then and there but I'm less sore each time, (and oddly I don't sweat much, but I'm working hard, I'm just weird that way I guess!) That knowing that I can now, pushes me to continue, I've seen results and changes and I like it! I finally, really feel like I'm in shape, and it feels good! It can be addicting and the more you make it a habit in your life, the more you will miss it when you don't make the time for it and don't do it.

next up: healthy eating....cuz it's raining today and my house is spotless so...I can!


babyfood said...

Exercising to look good never worked to motivate me. Health has to be the reason. We have heart disease in our family, so it helps to envision my heart pumping away and getting the exercise it needs.

Now, I need to make the time again, somewhere in my life with a baby.

Krysten @ Glors Galore said...

Yeah, I've come to terms that I will never look like a magazine model (of course many I do NOT want to look like!) and I don't feel the need for surgery to look *perfect* but appreciate what I have and what it's done. It's more about the feeling good, feeling healthy thing now. The weight loss is such a bonus, but even that 20 lbs makes a difference in my feeling of well-being and ability to not huff and puff, etc.

It's easier as they get older. I would put Kian in the bouncer/exersaucer for awhile, or try to sneak stuff in while he was sleeping. Now that he can walk, run, swim, throw a ball with us, etc. it's so much easier. I've tried jogging with Karter on my back in the Ergo, doesn't bother me but I feel like his head flops around too much, even at his age, so I've yet to figure that out! Time is definitely an issue, even tho I am home, it's still filled with making meals, changing diapers, entertaining kids, cleaning, etc. That's part of the reason I finally joined a class, and with a friend who is counting on me to share rides, etc. that DEFINITELY helps!