My lists

I figure if I see this and put it out there then it's kind of an accountability thing, right?

Things to do:
Pack...lots and lots of packing.
Get rid of more stuff
Keep house tidy (I'll be blogging about my happenings with the Flylady soon...intrigued yet?)
Christmas shopping way early
Figure out if I can join the Y in Cndga or still continue my boxing classes in City
Plan a camping weekend/trip for August
To be more authentic (I have a tendency to adapt to the people and situations I'm in, not in a wrong/bad way, but I do)
Recover from my website/deals/steals addiction

Things I want to can this year:
jam/jellies (berry, peach, apple)
apple pie filling
tomato sauce
small jars of "gift" jams, jellies, specialties
(roasted) red peppers
sun-dried tomatoes....i might actually try drying them in the sun...

Random things I want after moving:
Trampoline (a BIG one)
Chicken coop, with chicks for laying in the spring
Berry bushes, lots of them
A big wood playset for the boys, with climbing wall and such
Bike trailer for boys to ride in
(listen, I didn't say I was getting this stuff, I just said I wanted it)

Other randomness:
have another baby---a girl please
make 1/2 of Christmas gifts I need to give out this year
actually read the Bible in one year
grow a nice big garden that bugs don't eat
temper my temper
think before speaking more often
let my actions speak louder than my words (cuz my words can get loud, yikes)
teach Kian & Karter some party tricks to show off in front of friends ahahaha
(Kids as parlor tricks) that's what most of the programs for babies are anyways.
teach Finn some parlor tricks as well (you know, standing up balancing a ball on his nose and such)
do more, talk less
Fruits of the spirit, need I say more?

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