Questions and Answers

Q: When was the last time you cut Kian's hair?
A: December 19th, 2009. Yes, that means it's been 7 whole months since then. And that cut- Karter could have done better.

Q: So...when are you cutting Kian's hair?
A: When he wants it cut. I'm done apologizing, explaining away, ignoring, etc. It's hair. He wants it long, he loves his curls and so do Kevin and I. We like it longer as well. I know a day will come and he will want it short. So, for now it stays. It's hair, it comes, it goes. It can be changed whenever, it's not permanent. It's not like we let him get a tattoo or anything...

Q: Are you going to grow Karter's hair long too?
A: I don't know. Depends on his hair type, if it's curly, we might let it get a little longer, yes. And when he can form an opinion (okay, a verbal opinion) about it, we'll cut it or not, depending. And yes, it's starting to get curly, especially when he sweats. We just won't mention the poor blonde mullet he's sporting. If I cut the back then he'd really be bald, and I'm just not into that.

Q: What's with the healthy eating stuff lately?
A: Well, it's not just lately. It's all the time. It starts at home, with impressionable small children who will carry these things long into their lives-lives that will be long because of healthy eating. And America just isn't aware, or caring, that huge corporations are killing them with things that "taste great". Enjoy your slow death then, my friends.

Q: I don't know how to figure out if something is healthy, help?
A: I've been thinking about doing a post on label reading. I love that Wegmans site shows all the ingredients of every product they carry. It's a nice way to look at things before your in the rush of the store. Few rules: 1. the first ingredient is the most ingredient in something-you want that to be something healthy (ie-whole grains, or a fruit) 2. the more ingredients there are in something, the worse it is for you. 3. if there's high fructose corn syrup in it-put it back. 4. soy is not good for you either, leave that out. 5. if you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your body. there's more, but we'll save the lectures.

Q: Why are you selling your house? Why are you moving an hour away?
A: I grew up out near Canandaigua, and though we didn't plan on moving back there, when the opportunity presented itself to purchase my grandparents' home with lots of land and more square footage, who says no to that?

Q: Why cloth diapers?
A: I wanted to save money, save the environment, they're way cute, easier than you think, and Kian gets rashes from disposables.

Q: Why do you talk so much and have so much to say?
A: Probably because when I was little I didn't say much of anything. I was shy, but observant and kept a lot in. I remember friends of the family teasing me and actually getting upset with me that my answers were "I don't care". When asked what I wanted to drink for dinner "I don't care." He got mad and said "You should care, you do, don't be so indecisive, you're allowed to make a choice and have a want." So, I finally figured that out years later. I found my "voice" in my blog I guess.

Anything else you want to know about how crazy I am? Yeah....just ask.

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