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We had quite the eventful weekend, rather busy and now I'm rather tired. But instead of resting while the boys nap, I am blogging and folding laundry. The joys of mother and wife-hood.

I convinced Jon to try our boxing class with us (Kevin's still holding out, but he's going Tuesday, no more games!) and all it took was one hour of intense workout, some punching and a hot teacher and he's hooked. Signed up the next day. Ha! It's amazing, I love it, and I have to figure out how to continue when we move!

Friday was the stickiest, hottest, muggiest day all summer. Literally, you walked outside one step and were drenched. It rained off and on and each time became muggier than before it rained. I ran Finn in some wooded trails for 20 minutes at Kevin's parents' house and had to wipe off with some paper towels before I could sit down and eat. We enjoyed some chicken barbecue with all the baby cousins playing-that was fun. Also stressful because the cats and dog joined us. Why? Because someone who had come to Sunday's open house wanted to return with their realtor that night. Yay! But, it's a royal pain loading up kids, cats, dog, crates, food, litterbox, etc. so that someone can view the house (and as of yet, not put an offer in!). Many thanks to Kevin's parents who let us turn their house into a pet hotel and daycare for a couple hours every time!

We're still waiting to hear if these people are interested, since it's their second look at the house. Our realtor called and told Kevin they really like the house and yard but just haven't decided if they want to put an offer in. Well, heck, just do it and we'll negotiate. Just buy the stinkin' house! Kevin asked if it would be weird if he could find out who they were, talk to them and entice them. I said yes. haha.

Saturday, we all woke up at 5:30 am to bring Kevin to the airport to go to the Yankees game. He took his friend instead of me, and it was probably for the best, when all said and done. There was no figuring out kids and schedules and etc. We would have driven, but his friend had some fliers miles I guess. And add in the fact it was like 100 degrees there all weekend, he wasn't even that thrilled. Kian loved watching the planes take off.

So, the boys and I spent the weekend alone. My first time sleeping alone in this house, and really, I don't remember barely being away from Kevin overnight. Maybe once or twice I went somewhere with family? But, I can't recall. Pathetic I know. We went to the farmer's market, Wegmans, and then took 3-4 hour naps (boys, not me, I only slept one blessed hour) and it poured and thundered the rest of the day/night. Kian and I ate naughty peanut butter sundaes and watched The Bee Movie. (It was alright.)

Yesterday, we went to church and Kian is so enjoying the fact that after service the last month they have bounce houses up. He loves them. So we always spend a bit afterwards playing on them. Then Kian and I made peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and chocolate chip banana muffins and bread. Whew. The boys were so excited when Kevin got home and of course thrilled with presents. Yeah, I don't know how single mamas do it. Maybe if kids were older, to do things for themselves, but man it'd be tough to do it alone all the time with toddlers! Thankful Kevin comes home every night and I get some help, even if it's not exactly the way I want it done, or whatever, at least it's something!

Friday morning I took Karter back to the ped for a weight check. (Now, let me insert here that they do not use the breastfed growth chart, suggested by the World Health Organization!) It was obvious he'd gained some weight back, and I also wanted a re-check of his height. At his 9 month they showed he only grew like .25 or .5 inch since 6 months which I knew wasn't right. (That's what you get when you lay babies on the table to measure them while they wiggle.) Lo and behold he's gained a pound and a half in one month! He's up to 17-8. I think that put him back on the growth chart, but just barely ha. His height was 28 inches, showing a growth of 1.5 inches in one month. Not quite, I'm sure, there was probably mis-measurement in the previous visit like I said.

So, the pediatrician was happy. We discussed the allergy results-skin reactions to walnut and milk, blood reactions show negative to everything. But, sensitivities can still abound, etc. He does spit up when dairy is introduced via me or him, in more than tiny amounts. We can deal with that. Ped agreed with me that no reason to really continue the Prevacid, if I'm to seeing a huge difference i appetites or changes. We'll finish out the last week and then let it go until his one year appointment. Neither of us felt the need to revisit the allergist either. I feel strongly that it was the bad "bug" he had. Vomiting and having diarrhea for 2 weeks and then taking another 2 weeks to fully recover and act like himself really did him in. Developmentally he's totally on target or above, so we all agree that nothing else needs to be done, just love and feed the kid =)

Here's some things Karter likes to do: climb up the slide, walk up the slide, (finally!) he's interested in books a lot this weekend, get into pots and pans, cruise along furniture and walk with your hands, crawls like a speedy maniac, crawls up stairs no problem, tries to climb in the bathtub, loves all water, eat dog food, feed Finn from his highchair or whatever he happens to be, share his food with everyone, give kisses (slimy, open-mouthed ones) bang, drum, loves music and claps to it or singing, mash his food into his hair-every time, eat, swing, and be oh so silly-laughs like crazy to get you to laugh too, he's such a ham! Going to be a mischievous troublemaker too, going to be more physically daring than Kian even I'm afraid!

He's still got his 6 teeth, can tell there's some molar bumps back there he's chewing for, but will be awhile. Kian had 12 teeth at one year (4 top, 4 bottom and 4 molars) and Karter's probably not going to, but he can still chew with the best of them. Loves his crackers and carrot sticks to chomp on.

And I'm sure, like the nurse and ped you won't believe me, but he says: mama, dada, "kuh" sound for rocky or cat-not sure which, "puh" for up, "aw-duh" for all done, does this deep-voiced "uh!" to copy Finn when he barks, sometimes still says "ni-ni" for night-night. They didn't believe me, but I told them Kian had 10 word/word approximations at 12 months too.

Now we're in the midst of planning a little camping trip for August, to just get away from the chaos of house selling, packing, cleaning, every day junk. Just a short, few days stay at a state park, but will be nice to just get out, get away, and leave tv, computers, phones, etc. behind for a bit. Going to call in reservations for waterfront sites at Delta Lake in Rome, NY.

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