Trouble is...

Trouble is...

when your 10 month old has been "swimming" for over a month; laying on his belly, kicking his feet, splashing his hands and face in the water, on purpose.

when your 3 year old jumps in the pool...with no flotation device on.

when your 10 month old figures out how to get out of the baby floaty ring, usually by laying as far forward on his belly as he can and wiggling out.

when your 3 year old walks out in the lake to water over his head, eager to learn how to swim, again no floaties.

when you 10 month old climbs slides, stairs and knows how to close himself in or out of a room with the door.

when your 10 month old crawls by, grabs his brother's cracker out of his hand and keeps crawling as fast as he can while shoving said cracker in his mouth.

when your 10 month old shares food....with the dog...purposefully.

when your 3 year old already has road rage: "come on lady, go!"

when your 3 year old is a backseat driver: "mommy! you're not supposed to go or turn on red!"

when you have to give driving instructions and 'rules of the road' lessons to your 3 year old: "mommy can turn right on red, if no cars are coming, but never left...etc."

when your 3 year old sneaks cookies and knows he's in trouble but figures if he offers half to you, he won't get in trouble: "Kian, is that a cookie in your hand?" "mommy want to share with me? I want to share with you."

when you have 2 fearless boys...


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