I'm a bit conflicted, in regards to Karter and the meds (prevacid for reflux).

After speaking with the pediatrician, we agreed we could just drop it and see what happened. I kind of forgot to give it to him the next day or so, so I just said "ok we'll stop it now and see how it goes." That was last weekend.

Then, every night this week (Sun-Thurs) he was up, crabby, wouldn't go to bed even tho he was tired, and was up until like 10 pm every night. Wednesday he woke up at 1ish from his nap and then refused to sleep until like 9:30 pm when I just stopped trying and was getting so frustrated I just left him in his crib. Normally, he nurses, has a snack, we read books with Kian, then he snuggles with me for a couple minutes with his blanky and his doggie and I lay him down and he goes right to sleep. It was making us all miserable, and keeping Kian up, and Karter was way overtired. I reviewed his food for the week--nothing unusual. Checked for incoming teeth--found none (nothing visible or nothing I could feel). What is going on???

So, by Friday, we were getting frustrated with this bedtime thing. It wasn't typical of him. But, the only thing I had changed was taking away the Prevacid. Ugh. So, Friday morning I gave it to him again, and Saturday and today. What happens? He goes back to his normal 7-7:30 bedtime routine, no waking up, no fussing and miserable-ness. Sigh. Does this mean it's helping him and the reflux still bothers him? I don't know. It's so hard to tell when he can't tell me! And when he's off it, there are no visible/audible signs/symptoms of reflux--he only spits up these days if I've had dairy or he has, no gagging, etc.

Sure, it could be silent reflux that bothers him at night. But, it could be/could have been a phase, an "off" week, a slight virus? It's quite the coincidence...just not sure what I want to do about it. I'll finish out the first script we filled and I'll see again in 2 weeks if this comes back or manifests itself at night, or if it was just a coincidence. It's just hard to want to keep giving him meds if I'm not sure they're working or doing anything at all. I guess when this first batch runs out, I'll give it a try again without any meds and see what happens. Worst that can happen is he gets crabby again and we ask for a refill right? Blah! Darn kids need to come with instructions and talk! But, he's so darn cute, he signed "please" today for more books! Can't be mad at that!

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