's only Wednesday

So far this has been a rather crazy week, or maybe just busy. Either way, with this hot, humid weather, it's rather annoying.

Sunday was another open house. Another long day of carrying cats and crates and dogs and cages and litter boxes and food dishes and kids and diapers and clothes and lunches and who knows what else with us to Kevin's parents' house. There were 2 people that came through and seemed interested according to the realtor, but so far, as always, nothing yet. And I canned some peaches that were nice and ripe, but too many to eat before they got bad. Pretty easy actually.

Then we got the boys ready in my new bike trailer, for a bike ride, when Kevin noticed my van tire was flat. And, there was a screw stuck in it. Sigh. He took it over to his dad's to get patched and filled with air. But, since all my tires were almost bald, decided I needed to get new ones the next day.

So, bright and early Monday morning I took the van over to Wal-mart, because BJ's tire center wouldn't answer their phone! Ugh. A million dollars and over an hour later, we had nice new tires. But, entertaining two little boys in Wal-mart for an hour is a pain in the behind. I didn't need to, and couldn't' justify buying anything, save for a couple muffins, deodorant for Kevin and a small Cars fork set for Kian. That kept us all sane for awhile. Really, this is my exciting life.

Tuesday I took the boys to the public market. My first time going and it was nice. It wasn't very busy on a Tuesday morning which was nice. We got a wagon load of fruits and veggies for under $35. Kian got a cookie as big as his head at the bakery on site for $1. Yum. Great deals, only bad thing was that I parked on vomit and didn't realize it until I was packing kids and food in the car. Oh Lord was that disgusting! Ugh. Kevin got out early but visited his grandma in the nursing home while the boys napped. Exhausted, but not exhausted enough to skip boxing class with Meghan and Jon. Yep, got Jon hooked too. Way too many sweaty people taking the class though...I enjoy the women's only class better I think.

Today, Wednesday, I took Ace to the vet. Enough was enough. The cat's been throwing up off and on for a year at least. It's rather annoying, but doesn't seem to bother him a lot. It's mostly bile, sometimes undigested food. Yeah, you wanted to know that, I know. I had run with the assumption of food allergies a long time ago and switched foods, a few times, but he always ends up throwing up again after awhile. I was fearing blood draws and x-rays and all kinds of money-sucking things at the appointment. The vet thinks it's Irritable Bowel syndrome, or food allergies, or...both. That the allergies may exacerbate his IBS, or give him IBS. Fun. No really. First course of action? Steroid shot. If it improves things in the next day (and last for 6 weeks) it means the steroids calmed the inflammation in his gut and it's IBS. If it doesn't stop the vomiting, it's probably allergies and we'll have to talk about special diets, beyond store bought foods...sigh. We'll see I guess.

And now I need to run to Wegmans for some canning salt (different than regular salt, who knew there was such a thing...yes I'm sure YOU did). And some spices since I threw all mine out that were like 7 years old. Then tomorrow I will be making pickles and tomato sauce. Wish me luck.

My boring, stay at home life. I'm not some fancy, big blogger like Pioneer Woman (who as much as I love her, just wants a happy website and deletes any comments that might even remotely seem like an offensive remark towards her or anyone else, and is all sunshine and rainbows without talking about anything real [ie politics, the cattle industry her family is involved in, how the laws are changing and will affect their ranch], um, you know anything real life, even though she claims to 'keep it real') or Mckmama (who is too honest about her real life money issues, eating habits, husband's criminal records and relies heavily on clicks and ads and money from her blog and always has some sort of drama, real or insinuated or self-induced and plays the God card a bit too much in response to it all as to why she doesn't have to answer to anyone) but anyways...I'm just lil ol' boring me. I live in a normal house and have crazy kids and am insane to have animals. And I figure, why not let you see how annoyingly normal my life is, yet busy and crazy. I won't make money to support my family off my blog (probably because I don't even have any ads on it! hmm...there's an idea...) and I won't keep it all roses, I know my poo stinks and I"ll be the first to admit those rough days and not just post pretty pictures. But, I will post pictures soon because I've been talking way too much lately. Now, off to pack some more, and make some dinner here on the normally boring homestead. And, it's only Wednesday.

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