bad parent say what?

Our children are just little tape recorders that rewind and play out at the wrong times. Half the stuff I don't even realize comes from my mouth. The other is Kevin, with a little of Kian's own individuality thrown in there.

Fave word: Rancho Cucamonga (I read the address of a package we received)

Fave saying (at this time): Karter! Are you serious? (Or a variation of: Come on Karter, are you serious?) However, I use this with the dog or cat, or an annoying situation-ie traffic, not the children.

Fave name to call: chachi-moto. Kevin's randomness, enough said.

When he asked me a question (I forgot what about) I answered "might be" and he retorted "might be not!". Touche.

Ahem...stupid might come out occasionally (we're both bad about throwing that word around-stupid traffic, stupid cat puking on my rug, etc.) Crap. Another of Kevin's favorite.

But, neither of us can claim this one...while outside the other night with the boys, Kevin was at a late training and we were just playing on the swing set. The neighbors are working in their yard behind us, fairly close. Kian announces he has to go potty. He starts to drop his drawers--we let him do this last year while potty training and now he just likes to do it and I'm really trying to stop it. I tell him he needs to go in the house. He insists he just needs to pee in the grass. He proceeds to go, then when he tries to pull up his pants and underwear notices he's left a, um, skid mark from earlier in the day. He begins yelling "gross! Mommy I have POOP on my underwear! I have to take them off!" I'm trying to shush him so the neighbors (who are probably cracking up by now) don't hear. He pulls everything off, stands there in his shirt only. Tells me that he can't wear them because they're "full of poop". Sigh. I grab the dog and Karter and usher them all in the house to fan off my red face. Great.

Of course the worst parenting I've done lately was when Karter fell out of our bed at 2am sunday morning. oops. He likes to throw his head off the couch, changing table, bed, whatever (sensory issues) and he came in to nurse and then got on that side, threw his head off and went over...sigh. Fun times.

I'll leave you with that random, short post, while I move on to crashing in my bed, with Karter who's just woken up, because we're all of our eating/sleeping/anything schedules due to the move coming up this weekend, and we've been driving back and forth for the last week with boxes and things and run-on sentence ever. See ya in awhile, won't have Internet from Saturday until 31st.

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