Kian has great verbal skills and has had really good articulation and intelligibility (can you tell I worked in EI for 6 years?) right from the beginning. But, he has a few words he says different and really, it's just too cute to correct for the time being.

Gril: girl

Mazagin: Magazine

Asddicent: Accident

Mine: as in "mine eye" or "I hurt mine toe".

Puddy: pudding

Frosty: frosting

(he has no problems with "ing" endings if they are verbs, which really makes sense, why IS it frosting and pudding? when you're not always frosting a cake, or what action is pudding anyways?)

Karter is now "Karterbaby dot com" or "chachimoto".

And now back to editing and uploading pictures from our camping trip. (I use the term "editing" loosely here...)

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