Conversations with Kian

"Kian, why don't you run up and go potty, it's been awhile."
"Mommy! I just peed out a lot of pee!"

"Mommy, I just wiped a big poop thing out of my butt, it was really, really, really big." I laughed so hard, he got embarrassed. But, really with all this pee and poop talk? Ew!

"Mommy, Karter's sad because he doesn't have any friend babies to play with."
(I told him he could play with other babies at the nursery in church tomorrow.)

"It's all part of the plan."

*I have to insert here how Kian made a sandwich the other day: mustard, relish, feta and turkey, heated up. And he ate it. Ugh so...interesting. He also was eating a turkey burger and put mustard, feta and a slice of ham on it. His own version of chicken cordon bleu I guess?

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