Karter's one year stats

Yesterday we had Karter's one year check up. One year. Already! Sheesh it goes fast. Especially with two now, I think it goes even faster! On a side note, I think we're just going to keep seeing our current ped for now, as we won't need to go as much for checks. The only downside will be the long drive on sick visits, but we usually don't' have many of them. I am not having luck finding openings down here and yes, I am being picky but there's only one huge medical group (eh..) and a handful of private practicies. I think I"ll just look for a family doc we can all see eventually.

So yes, we knew our Karter baby was a peanut...but he only gained half a pound since the end of July. He's at 18lbs exactly (and might I point out, that was with a wet diaper on!) most likely just under. Fun. Oh well. He's 29.25 inches, so he's growing taller. That would be the 31st percentile for height. Weight? Um, not even on the charts right now. Kian was 18 lbs at 9 mos and that was low on the chart. But, he's growing along the chart, just under it. So we're not going to sweat it right now since he's doing everything he should be.

He's starting to take steps more often. He stands up in the middle of the floor and will take 2-4 steps at a time. Of course for Kevin, he took like 8, stinker. He doesn't even hold onto anything to pull up. Kian was always holding on walking along furniture and wouldn't let go until the day he started walking and that was the end of it. Karter's more daring with trying to walk I guess, which is funny because it seems opposite of their personalities now. Kian's the one who dives right into anything and Karter's more reserved at times, especially with people, although lately he's pretty fearless physically. He loves water, any and all, and dives into it wherever he finds it, tricky to keep an eye on them all with a pool and a pond around now.

The words, suddenly the last two weeks, he's exploding with "words". Mostly word approximations that only Kevin and I and Kian understand, but still they're there. All done, cup, fruit cup (love this one! oo cuh!) mama, dada, kitty, doggy, woof, something that sounds like "got it", blows kisses, signs more and says "muh", signs all done, night-night, ooo and wow sounds, so cute. He's pointing to everything and anything wanting to know what it is and for us to tell him. He loves turning pages and reading books now. Drives his trucks and cars all over the place like a big boy. Makes car and truck sounds. Such a boy and so cute. And a climber, oh the climbing, on everything and in everything. He also blows kisses and hides his eyes for peekaboo, and if you even talk about coming or going he waves and says hi and/or bye.

He's doing a lot of the same things Kian did but some different ones and it's interesting to see how they do the same things different even. They love interacting with each other and "play" cars or trucks or blocks or read together and I love watching it. Kian always wants to wake Karter up right away and has gone in their room several times shortly after I put Karter down for a nap. That's not so fun, but I"m glad he loves his little brother. He's still pretty good about sharing with him, unless he's ruining something he's making. Karter loves sharing too, food mostly with the dog, but hey it's a start. We're so happy and blessed and Karter is just a happy joy every day.

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