pluggin along

still here...pluggin along...doing pretty good with all the unpacking. just figuring out toys and dressers and closets. need to get boys room situated. hopefully that will make them sleep better and get a better bedtime routine back in place. karter will sleep happily in their room during the day but once it's dark forget it. he wants to be with me and wherever i am and refuses to sleep until i do with him. which is fine any other time except trying to get a billion things done.

we're settling in. still feels odd, like vacation, or house sitting. haven't let myself think about the other house yet, will when we go there Sunday to check and finish cleaning up, I'll be sad. cats and dog are loving this place. so much yard to run in and pond to swim in. so many places to hide in this house and high cupboards to sleep and jump on. it's going great. and to have extra room and extra spaces even when everything is put away, instead of trying to shove just one more thing in there, is awesome.

karter's birthday today! i now have a one year old and a three year old! he's been standing a lot more lately and taking 2-3 steps today before falling. we're having little cake celebrations here and there with whoever on random days. i feel slightly bad about not having a big party for at least his first birthday, but he won't remember or care now. hes trying to say more words:
ca-cat, da-dog, dada/dahdee, mama, aw duh-all done, ba-ball, byebye, ni-ni, cuh-cup or fruit cup (yes he loves fruit cups and points to the cupboard saying 'cuh cuh' or 'oo cuh' until i open it and get him one.) he also loves driving his trucks around the "circle" where the living room, entry, kitchen and hallway create a nice racetrack. he's so happy all the time, well except bedtime/when it's dark, and laughs constantly. he's such a joy.

i am typing very fast and very badly on Kevin's laptop because in the move, or just before when i opened up my hard drive on my desktop and cleaned out the 4 lbs of cat fur and dust, something went haywire. it will no longer turn on or anything. i don't need it right away and am way too busy anyways, eventually I'll figure it out or have it looked at and at least get my documents off it. so for now i suffer on his laptop with the smooshed keyboard i don't like with no number pad. and it grunts and groans and growls at me and is oh so slow.

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welcome back
we've missed you