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I love that Kian still calls granola bars "noga bars".

Karter will be completely walking by the end of this week. A full month before Kian walked. He is up and taking steps, about 3-5 before falling and getting pretty determined. Kian just held on until he didn't.

Karter crawls, jumps, walks and dives into the pool. I need a life vest on him or something!

Kian took off his arm floaties today and said "I don't need these anymore really." Got in, started to swim and promptly went under. I of course got yelled at for it by Kevin. I then encouraged Kian to just use his arms more and let him try again.

My mom lets Karter play with her touchscreen cell phone and he knows how to stop and start music with it, and now tries to use my cell phone like a touch screen...but it's not. He gets annoyed, grunts and then slides the keyboard open to play with it. Fantastic.

He also crawls around unplugging anything that's plugged into an outlet. The empty ones are covered with child safety things but Kian never touched an outlet until he was almost 3 and was unplugging his cd player to move it. Karter gets a kick out of lights going off and on. Now I know why parents blame their kids for gray hairs. Luckily I don't find any yet. or maybe they're just hiding and will all come out at once!

Karter and Finn=best buddies. Karter feeds Finn and Finn washes Karter off. When I was unloading the car one day and they were sleeping in their car seats still, Finn laid down next to the open van and stayed there until they woke up and I got them out. aww.

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get swimming lessons!!!!