You know....when...

You know you live in a big house when: takes all morning to vacuum the upstairs and the downstairs. least twice a day you can't find your child or your child can't find you. often don't hear a phone ringing even though there are 2 and a cellphone in the house. don't see your cats all day because of all the hiding places they find and sleep in.
...figuring out where to store things because there is so much storage gives you a headache.
...figuring out what to do with 2 empty rooms is a pain. have to remember to turn the pool on in the the house. remember when "cleaning the house" was a 20 minute thing, now it's a 2 hour ordeal.
...there's so much glass and windows and doors to clean that it takes over an hour with a roll of paper towels and a bottle of windex.

You know you have a big yard when: put your child in a stroller or baby carrier to walk to the pond. walk your kids and dog down the driveway to get the mail...and it takes 20 minutes for the whole trip... ride your bike to get the mail...and feel the burn.
...your dog and child can disappear in your long yard and it takes you a whole 8 minutes to find them. can't catch your naughty dog because he runs the entire yard and there's no place to corner him anymore. takes someone at least 4 hours to mow it. can't decide which acre to put the swing set in. don't have to worry about if the neighbors mowed today so you must too, because there isn't any neighbors who can see your yard.

There's no more keeping up with the Joneses, no more putting on airs and feeling you don't quite fit in. You don't worry if you child screams too loud, outside or inside. You don't worry about who is driving by and if they see your 3 year old peeing in the yard, because they can't see him from the road. You know you love it when your kids can run wild and free and it feels like home, feels natural.

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