neighbors...or lack there of

I grew up knowing the neighbors and people on our "street" (is a long, winding country road really a street?) but the houses were like a quarter mile apart! Moving into the suburbs with neighbors pretty close on each side was a new thing for me and I was leery of it. A Fence on one side made me feel a bit better. I never knew I could feel the need for segregation...from my neighbors! ha! The neighbors on our east side have 8 acres and woods and a long driveway and were far back from our house. Loved it. And we came to know and really like them. They were our parents' age, with kids the same age as us. Their first grandchild was born a week after Karter even. They brought us baby gifts and veggies from their garden, visited and so did their dog. We enjoyed them and it was nice because it wasn't overwhelming or overbearing and neither of us cared what the other did or got in their business etc.

I was looking forward to not having neighbors close on each side again when we moved here. I thought. But, at times I have this "oh, there's no one to wave at as we pull in and out of the driveway each day" or " one to chit chat with at the mailboxes" feeling. It's odd, because I thought I wanted to be completely separated. More so I think I feel I'm keeping Kian and Karter segregated. So very odd how your thinking changes and life changes you. Kian's been asking for more friends so we are going to get on that! So, it's a two-fold/bittersweet type of thing. No more keeping up the lawn with next door because it looks out of wack after he mows, no more freaking out because we're the only ones NOT spraying the dandelions each spring, but no "can I borrow a cup of sugar" or "can you let the dog out while we're at a wedding tonight" either...

On the bight side... I won't have to buy bags of candy and answer the door over 50 times on Halloween, and that my friends, just might make it worth it!

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