technology blow up

i really just want my hard drive fixed so i can get my pictures up. i haven't done pictures in over a month. it's depressing me.

if that wasn't enough my cell phone was acting stupid for a week. every time i would slide it open (it's a dual slide, awesome phone!) or slide it closed to call or text or anything it would shut off. then it would randomly shut off throughout the day even though the battery said it was charged. finally it was just dead. so we took it into sprint, at eastview, at 7pm, with 2 tired boys. that was not fun let me tell you. and from what we can tell it was just a bad battery, so they sold me a demo one (shh, it's not really allowed, i was special!) and it seems to be working now.

which is good because yesterday no one could have gotten ahold of me even if they really wanted to (but no one every really wants to) because on top of all that, our phone/internet line is bad. like our internet gets dropped every 4 minutes, all day, all night. they tell us that there's a bad line from the pole, which isn't even run straight to the house, it makes a detour at the shop. so frontier is supposed to replace it, well they were like 2 weeks ago. so i have to keep calling and getting on them to get it done. probably dragging their feet because they said they'd do it free of charge. blah. from the pole to the house into my computer. and then the house phone will work too, not give everyone busy signals or drop those calls too.

sometimes i don't' even really mind. then i have no reason to waste time and i get a lot done and spend even more quality time with my kids. ha. I'm halfway back to the "real world". going to drop off my computer tomorrow and get that fixed, or at least get my stuff off it! my camping pictures from august are on there and i need to get them printed. sigh. thanks a lot bill gates and frontier...

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