cell phone video dump!

Here are some videos of the kids now that my phone is finally working!

Karter using a spoon

Karter signing "more" and "eat" super fast because he's super tired.

Karter jumping in the pool

Finn retrieving from the pond

Karter and his birthday cake

Standing (I'll have to get some of him walking now, as I predicted he started full-time walking by the end of last week!)


Kian jumping in pool

Karter walking, naked bum


Anonymous said...

i don't see any pictures--it says they are unavailable

Krysten @ Glors Galore said...

should be working now, facebook was out for awhile and that's where they are imported from. they are working for me now...

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Krysten - thank you SO much for your kind comments, you completely made my night :) And don't beat yourself up for being busy with everything you've had going on - I'm sure your kids have had years (or months, in the case of the little one ;)) to build a secure attachment with you, the lovely thing about secure attachments is that they help us weather through the storms.
Thanks for the encouragement on the preschool ideas. That's one series of posts that I think about nixing every single week, so it helps to know that someone is getting some use out of them :) If you ever have ideas for activities and want to host a guest post for the week, let me know!
I see you're using signs with your little one, aren't they the best thing ever?!
Keep on keeping on mama - you're doing great!