hopefully SOON i will get the call from the computer place about what is wrong with it so I can get it fixed and I can get my own computer back instead of using kevn's laptop, with the keyboard I hate, and I will be able to upload and download and do all my pictures, because I am really having withdrawal. I have camping pictures from August, and Karter's birthday and new house pictures and silly, crazy ones of Kian and Kourtney playing yeah, you WANT to see me.

hopefully soon, we can get a vacation scheduled. i informed kevin that we will be making a trip to florida soon. how soon? well, not sure, but maybe after the holidays? that is, if the florida relatives want us to come visit! either with or without Kevin, (just because of his work schedule) I really feel it's time to go!

and hopefully soon, now i will get my butt into bed and stop staying up so late for absolutely NO reason at all!

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