Hypothesis proven

I just proved the theory that you can teach a kid anything if you flash it in front of him often enough. Kids will memorize anything and have a better brain capacity for that at this young age. Why reading programs seem to be effective. It's why anything is effective. Their memorization and differentiation skills are peaking. Kourtney started teaching Kian the fish on the deck of playing cards on Wednesday. By Thursday night he had learned 37 of them. And that was in 10 minute increments, a few times over the 2 days.

Is it mind-blowing? Not really. It's normal for kids to pick things up easily, which is why their vocabulary explodes from 2 to 3 years old. Do I think my kid is smart? Yes. Do I think he's overly brilliant, brimming with genius (of course I'd like to think so!) but I think he's brilliant in an average sense, and maybe slightly moreso. But, I don't claim him to be a Rhodes scholar yet.

I think I want to test this even further. I think I should get some Chinese characters and teach him to "read Chinese". I bet it can be done. Wanna bet? =)

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